IPF Newsletter - April - 2018

A cháirde

Welcome to the April 2018 newsletter of the Irish Photographic Federation, the year is certainly slipping on but it seems like the winter weather doesn’t want to clear just yet, hopefully, this month we will see an improvement and finally get some spring-like conditions.
In March we had the first Distinction sitting of the new year at the Dunamaise Arts Centre Portlaoise on Saturday 24th. Once again the standard of panels that were assessed were very good and the day provided us with a great insight of what different styles of photography that Irish photographers are working on and I have to say at this point in Irish amateur photography the standard is getting better and its also so encouraging to see the efforts and thought that went into the various genres that were presented on the day. My thanks once again to the IPF Chair of Distinctions Des Clinton, Vice Chairman Paul Stanley, and National Distinction Secretary Bob Morrison who puts it all together. The event and news from the day were shared immediately on the various social media platforms and my extended thanks must go to Liam Beattie for his work in this area. My thanks also to those who volunteered on the day with the panels especially the members of both Mountmellick & Portlaoise Camera Club.
And so to what’s coming up in May, we will have another Distinction Sitting along with the National Club Finals which is always a highlight in the IPF calendar year both taking place over the weekend of May 19th & 20th in Mullingar Co Westmeath. The 2018 Annual General Meeting will also take place on this weekend details will be circulated to all clubs in the coming weeks. The IPF also celebrates its 40th Anniversary this year and we are currently organizing a Celebratory Dinner to mark this occasion and information on this event will be available in the May newsletter.
Before that we will be present at Photo Fest, which takes place this year in the Midlands Park Hotel, Portlaoise on Sunday, April 22nd with free seminars, and a range of photographic equipment and imaging software etc on display. The event runs from 11.00 to 17.00. If you’re around do stop by and say hello.

Until next time,
Kind Regards,
Dominic Reddin FIPF
Irish Photographic Federation.

Upcoming Events in the IPF Calendar

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What's Inside this Month?

  • Distinctions - March 2018
  • IPF Distinctions Service Update
  • AnÓige Annual Exhibition
  • Spotlight on Dominic Reddin
  • Focus on Mountmellick Camera Club
  • Eddie Chandler Gallery - FIAP Exhibition Centre - Scott & Catherine MacBride
  • Photo Fest Ireland 2018
  • Dundalk Photographic Society Photographer of the Year 2018
  • FIAP Distinctions
  • IPF Awards

Distinctions - March 2018

Thanks as usual to our Distinctions Secretary Bob Morrison for his work both on the day and dealing with all the applications, to our adjudicators chaired by Des Clinton and to the entire team who work behind the scenes before, during and after each session.

A full list of successful distinction holders will be published in the May edition of our newsletter

IPF Distinction Service Update




Everyone interested in applying for the Licentiate, Associate or Fellowship should note that the September (Carlow) and November (Thurles) sessions are open for applications on the 5th February, 12 noon.
Watch the IPF website for more news of this.

As always, applicants are advised to go to an assessment session to see what is required for a successful application. The upcoming sessions are 24th March in Dunamaise Arts Centre in Portlaoise and 19th May in Mullingar Arts Centre.

Annual Fees

For those who have not paid their annual distinction fee this year, please note that you are now in arrears and are no longer allowed to use IPF distinction letters after your name.
The annual fee is very reasonable at €25 for standard renewal and only €15 for seniors. These fees help fund everything we do as an organisation so we ask you all to make the effort to help us continue to grow.
If you haven't received an invoice from us this year, please get in touch and we will most happily correct this for you :-)

New Handbooks on Distinction Guidelines

The IPF Distinctions Committee have begun compiling guidelines on some of the specialist Associate and Fellowship panel subjects that come up for assessment. These are intended to assist applicants when they are in putting their panels together.

Given the popularity of Nature photography and of Travel photography, the first guidelines to be published are on those subjects. Much of what is in them will already be well known to applicants, especially the Nature guidelines. Nevertheless, the guidelines should help applicants to compile panels that fully address the requirements for a successful assessment.

These guidelines are available on both the Associateship and Fellowship sections of the website.

2018 - May 19th, Mullingar

All spaces at this sitting have been booked.

2018 - September 15th Carlow

Booking opens 5th February, 12noon.

2018 - November (Thurles, Date TBC)

Booking opens 5th February, 12noon.

Watch the IPF website for updated news of these events.
Irish Photographic Federation

AnÓige 80th Annual Exhibition

AnÓige Photographic Group will be holding their 80th Annual Exhibition
this year. From the 31st May to 10th June inclusive.
For more information and the entry form click on this link.

Spotlight on

Dominic Reddin

Dominic is from Mountmellick Camera Club and the current President of the Irish Photographic Federation.

Q: When did you take up photography?
A: In my early twenties, I always& still have had an interest in art, music and my interest in photography seemed to just fall in with other things I was doing at the time. I can remember being in particular places when I started driving and going around Ireland to see the country and getting inspired by what I’d see at various landmarks and thinking what it would be like to capture my own take on these famous places.

Q: Which club are you a member of?
A: I am a member of Mountmellick Camera Club, have been for about 18 years.

Q: Do you have any IPF/FIAP/RPS etc. distinctions?
A: Yes I do, in 2005 I was awarded my LIPF, followed by my AIPF in 2011, and I was awarded the distinction of Fellowship FIPF in 2016 from the Irish Photographic Federation.

Q: First camera? First DSLR?
A: It was an Olympus can’t remember the particular model but I can recall it was expensive or so it seemed at the time and then obviously the rolls of film and slide. Exciting times.

Q: What was the background to your most successful image?
A: Well I recently won the IPF Nature Photographer of the Year 2018 with this photograph of a Water Rail so to date it has been my most successful image.
Water Rails are very elusive, curious and beautiful so getting up close to them can be a challenge in itself, the morning I managed to capture this photograph there was little or no wind and there was a beautiful mist lying low along the water. To capture this photograph I literally was lying down very low at water’s level and waited until the bird emerged from the reed bed and marsh ground next to the river. After coming out of the reeds a couple of times it would quickly turn around and run back in. At one particular stage, it seems to stop motionless for a couple of seconds which enabled me to get this photograph. Looking on the back of my camera I knew I had managed to capture the image I was after. Capturing the bird’s reflection and the light I was blessed with that morning made all the difference.

Jacobite Train
Q: Your own favorite image?
A: I remember fondly photographing the Jacobite Steam Train in Scotland as it crossed the 21-arched Glenfinnan viaduct (a location made famous in the Harry Potter films) which overlooks Loch Shiel and the Jacobite monument. I remember climbing up the very steep hill on the opposite side of the viaduct and waiting for it to come along. If you wait until the train has passed about three-quarter way on the viaduct the drivers are aware that there is most likely to be photographers waiting to capture it in all its glory and will let of puffs of steam which certainly help enhance the photograph. I can remember that so clearly and took a series of shots hoping to capture it. Unfortunately, it was a dull damp morning in July but you have to work with what’s in front of you.

Q: What genre of photography best describes your photography or are you a general interest photographer?
Predominantly my main interest would be landscape and wildlife photography. Although I do also like portraits and capturing the true character of people. My love of the outdoors and nature gives me great inspiration, I love nothing more than being alone on the coast or standing overlooking a spectacular landscape and trying to capture it as I see it. Been alone and waiting in anticipation to capture wildlife in their environment has also given me great pleasure and excitement over the years. I never tire of that.

Q: Canon or Nikon or Fuji or Sony?
A: It’s Canon for me.

Q: Would you recommend joining a camera club? Why? What have you got out of it?
A: Absolutely, for a couple of reasons it’s a great way of learning from other members of the club, asking for advice and seeing the kind of photography they do. The club challenges/competitions that most clubs hold now are a great way to challenge yourself and compete against other photographers and another opportunity to learn the art of photography. There are some great speakers in this country who visit camera clubs and give talks on their particular photography this is another great opportunity to see the work of other photographers and learn from them.

Q: What does photography mean to you?
A: Photography for me is a way of expressing myself and gives me creative fulfillment. I’m grateful for the opportunity to study it and for all the places it has taken me and all the great people I have met over the years and most importantly learned from through photography. It’s a journey for me and I’m forever trying to learn more and challenge myself. I look forward to finding out where it will take me next.

Q: What is your photographic dream?
A: I’d love the opportunity to travel to in India or Africa, to see the landscape and photograph the people the colours and the beauty they both hold. Unfortunately, I’d need a few weeks but I can always dream!!

Q: Do you have a website/flickr/facebook photo page?
A: www.dominicreddinphotography.com

Focus On Mountmellick Camera Club

Mountmellick group photo 560 (1)
Q: When was Mountmellick Camera Club founded?
A: We were founded in 1989, so we will be celebrating our 30th birthday next year. (2019)

Q: How many members do you have?
A: Our membership is generally between 12 to 15. Historically, we have had as many as 36 members, but it changes from one year to the next. We are a small club, but enthusiastic nevertheless.

Q: When and where do you meet?
A: We meet in the Mountmellick Development Association building. They have a selection of rooms of different sizes which suit our various activities. However, we have had to find some temporary accommodation after the flooding of Mountmellick last winter, which was quite serious and damaging to the town.

Q: Any notable events? (exhibitions/workshops etc.)
A: We have our annual exhibition in the local school hall, and normally we exhibit in Mountmellick library also. Our calendar of events include plenty of talks and workshops, and we love to go to the Saltee islands or scenic spot for a weekend outing. Previously we have had outings to Donegal, Connemara, and we are planning to visit the Cooley peninsula soon.

Q: When was the club started and by whom?
A: The first meeting was called by Kevin Byrne, and 5 people attended on the night. They were soon joined by a further 4 enthusiasts, and meetings were held in the Town Hall for the first couple of years. In those days we used to develop our own Black and White photos, but of course, now we have embraced digital photography.

Q: Any member have any significant achievements or milestones recently?
A: Well, we are very proud to have the Chairperson of the IPF amongst our members, and the same Dom Reddin achieved his fellowship last year, with his excellent panel of kingfishers. Dom also recently achieved Nature photographer of the year at the recent POTY competition in Carlow. The club has several members who hold their licentiate too. We push ourselves to enter the Club championships, and the National Shield and feel that we punch above our weight for a small club.

Q: To what do you attribute your success?
A: We have a dedicated core of members with a huge interest in and enthusiasm for photography. Everyone brings new ideas, or techniques to meetings, and we share our knowledge and skill. This is important as we are all in the club to learn and improve.

Q: What was the best outing/talk/club night in last 12 months?
A: We had lots of good speakers during 2017 but everyone learned a lot from an excellent demonstration given by Michael O'Sullivan on lighting last winter.

Q: If another camera club came to your town where are the best-kept secrets that they should photograph?
A: Co. Laois is full of interesting places for photography, probably the most notable being Emo court with its large grounds, lake, and woodlands. Also the hidden rivers and waterfalls in the Slieve Bloom Mountains, But we also have the Rock of Dunamaise, Abbeyleix bog and Heywood gardens to name but a few.

Q: What is the aspect of your group that makes it so special?
A: Because our club is so well established, we have many very experienced members, who generously share their knowledge and expertise with all. Also, the club members are all good friends and have good craic together at any opportunity.

Q: If you could ask the IPF to improve on one thing, what would that be?
A: We would like the IPF to create a separate category for creative (composite) photography in POTY and other competitions.

Eddie Chandler Gallery - FIAP Exhibition Centre - Scott & Catherine MacBride Exhibition

Scott MacBride exhibition in the Eddie Chandler Gallery - a FIAP Exhibition Centre.
The exhibition runs until Saturday 7 April and is open every Saturday from 11am - 5pm.

It will be followed by the Catherine MacBride exhibition of her FIPF panel. Bio and images also attached.
This exhibition will run from Saturday 14 April to Saturday 28 April inclusive - also open from 11am - 5pm each Saturday.
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37125933431_f717aa68c1_b (1)
Alien Abduction (1)
Cabin in in the Woods
Home Comfort
Little Church

Photo Fest - 2018

Following the continued success of Photo Fest Ireland - the Irish Photo Agency is delighted to announce a new location and venue for 2018, which will be held in the recently refurbished Hotel and Conference Event Centre in the Midlands Park Hotel, located in the Midlands of Ireland, Portlaoise, Co. Laois.
Following the continued success of Photo Fest Ireland - the Irish Photo Agency is delighted to announce a new location and venue for 2018, which will be held in the recently refurbished Hotel and Conference Event Centre in the Midlands Park Hotel, located in the Midlands of Ireland, Portlaoise, Co. Laois. Photo Fest Ireland continues to be one of the most popular Photography Trade and Seminar Events held in Ireland - mixing Trade, Photographers and Creatives of all status at a professional level. Whether you are a professional, amateur, freelance photographer or videographer, a buyer of image making equipment or materials, a distributor or manufacturer of photographic related products or services - this is an event for you. In addition, if you are in the creative media who require photographic/media related products and services, this annual event will also have interest to you. “We are excited to be moving to a new location with ‘state of the art’ facilities. So many photographers and media related contacts have asked ‘why every event happens in Dublin’ – So for the first time in over a decade we are moving the Photo Fest event to the Midlands of Ireland – where many visitors from around Ireland will have easier access to this event”,
Helen Burke, Event Director.
Key activities at - ‘PHOTO FEST IRELAND 2018’: -
Photographic & Imaging trade representation, including IT companies introducing new products and services – meeting new and existing clients face to face. FREE Seminars & NEW Lecturers. Additional Photographic related activity at this event will include – Latest Photographic Equipment; Product Demonstrations; New Software Solutions; Pilot Commercial Shooting; Introductions to new Styles & Finishing’s; B2B Opportunities; Training Solutions; Stock Photography; Photographic Associations; New Insurance Solutions for your business; Galleries; Web Designers for Photographers; Careers & Students; Photographic Publications; & more in development !!! W http://www.PhotoFestIreland.com

Dundalk Photographic Society Photographer of the year 2018 - David Martin.

Dave Martin was crowned DPS photographer of the year after the in-house club finals which were held in the DPS clubrooms recently. Three esteemed Judges from the Island of Ireland, Gerry Coe from Belfast (Banger Camera Club), Gerry Andrews from Limerick (Dublin Camera Club) and Gerry Kelliher from Dublin Camera club judged the DPS club final over a two and a half hour period.
As chair of Dundalk Photographic Society, I spoke to (ambushed) the three Judges before the competition while we were enjoying our tea before the competition commenced. I asked them individually what they would be looking for tonight in this printed image competition.
I first spoke to Gerry Coe and posed the question. Gerry Coe said that he would be looking primarily to see what strikes him first, impact then he would be looking for the technical details and assessing whether or not the image married up with how it visually looks. It doesn't matter if the image is black and white or colour I like looking into the image.
I then posed the same question to Gerry Kelliher. Gerry Kelliher said that he would be looking for anything that would catch his eye, anything that's creative and stands out; the subject matter of the image is irrelevant once the quality is there, the content and composition of good quality images tend to stand out particularly if the print quality is there and that's what I look for.
And lastly, I asked Gerry Andrews the same question. Gerry Andrews answered "what I'll be looking for is creativity, something that makes a standalone image, something that portrays the ability of the photographer so see an everyday mundane object in a unique fashion and that's down to the creative skill of the individual as a photographer. The subject matter doesn't matter to me or whether its black and white or colour; it's how that image is portrayed and the individual style and creativity of the photographer. Technical excellence will be a fundamental requirement and here in Dundalk that's presumed a given. I like to see a distinctive style and an image that stands apart from all the others and that's what I hope to see tonight.
Dave Martin took the overall title of DPS 2018 photographer of the year with a total of 288 points, three points ahead of Arthur Carron. Arthur Carron took the title of DPS monochrome photographer of the year with a total of 146 points which was 4 points ahead of Dave Martin and Dave Martin also took the title of DPS colour Photographer of the Year 2018.
Photosociety2018 einvite
Non Advanced POTY Pete Roland, pictured,Gerry Coe, Pete Roland,Gerry Andrews and Gerry Kelliher.
DPS intermediate POTY Simn Mullen. Pictured Gerry Coe, Simon Mullen,Gerry Kelliher and Gerry Andrews.
DPS POTY overall winner Dave Martin. Pictured,Gerry Coe Dave Martin Gerry Andrews Gerry Kelliher

FIAP Distinctions.

"Many thanks to all those who have submitted applications for FIAP Distinctions. This year we have had 37 applications. Hopefully, all will be successful.
We are now in the process of checking and double-checking these before we submit them to FIAP by the closing date of 31 March. We expect to hear back from FIAP sometime in May.
Paul Stanley - the FIAP Liaison Officer - will be in touch with everyone who has applied during March with details of the next steps and with details of the FIAP Distinctions Holders exhibition, which will take place during June in the FIAP Exhibition Centre, Dublin"

FIAP Distinctions Holders Exhibition - June 2018

The Irish Photographic Federation - in association with the Eddie Chandler Gallery, a FIAP Exhibition Center - will host an exhibition of images by successful FIAP Distinction Holders.
The exhibition will open on Saturday 9th, June 2018 in the Gallery.
The presentation of pins and certificates will take place as part of the opening reception. All successful FIAP Distinction applicants for 2018 will be asked to submit some of their images and these will form the exhibition. The numbers to be submitted will depend on the number of photographers applying in 2018 - but we guarantee at least one per photographer.

The exhibition will then be on show for the month of June.

This is a change to our normal practice of presenting pins and certificates as part of the IPF Club Championships. It is felt that by organising this exhibition we will be able to give better recognition to our successful international photographers.
FIAP Biennials
This year FIAP are organising two Biennials – a Monochrome Biennial and a Nature Biennial.

The IPF selection committee is currently reviewing the entries from 2016, 2017 and 2018 POTY and NPOTY competitions and the entries for the 2017 Club Championships amongst other competitions. From this, they will gather the entries to be submitted to these Biennials. We hope to be able to maintain our success in previous years. More details will be available after the judging of both the Biennials

IPF Awards

Did you know that the IPF have an honorary award system available?

IPF Awards should not be confused with IPF Distinctions. Awards are made to individuals who have served above and beyond at club or higher level over a significant period. To preserve the integrity and high standing of these honorary awards, the number granted each year will be strictly limited. The final decision on granting each Award will be made by the IPF Awards Committee, which shall be comprised of six members of the IPF Council including a secretary elected by the Awards Committee and chaired by the IPF President.

Further details available over on our website.

ipf awards 600

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