As a non-professional photographer I have been photographing the western coastal region of Ireland for the last 30 years. My work has mainly been film based and at the end of 2009 I moved to Digital.
John has been one of the founder members of Mallow Camera Club in 1988 and held the positions of Chairman, Treasurer and Competition Secretary within the club. In the past, John has been a a committee member of the Irish Photographic Federation Council and is a current member of the Southern Association of Camera Clubs. For the past ten years, John has been a member of the adjudicaton panel of the I.P.F. National Distinctions Panel.

Some achievements

  • Over a 20 year period winner of more that 30 I.P.F. gold medals together with many silver and bronze medals.
  • Awarded Fellowship from I.P.F. in 1998
  • Awarded E.F.I.A.P. in 1999
  • Over 450 Acceptances to F.I.A.P. International Salons
  • Winner of 1 F.I.A.P. Gold, 1 F.I.A.P. Silver and 2 F.I.A.P. Bronze medals together with 5 F.I.A.P. Ribbons.
  • One of my images appeared in the the 50th Anniversary F.I.A.P. book and also on a recent calendar.
  • In 2000 I was awarded a solo exhibition in Croatia as part of Trophy Town of Rovihj 2000 Rovigno prize for collection of 4 colour prints at the Croatian Grand Prix Mundial Fotofestival, in Croatia.
  • Also have won numerous non F.I.A.P. awards from other Salons
  • Awarded Fellowship from the Royal Photographic Society (R.P.S.) in 2003
  • Winner of London Salon medal in 2000 and also a Photographic Society of America (P.S.A.) Gold medal.
  • Photographic Alliance of Great Britain 2008 winner of Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.
  • In 2001 and 2002 took part in a group exhibition at the Big E, Eastern States Exhibition, Springfield, Mass, U.S.A. highlighting Ireland and the beauty of the landscape.
  • Winner of best print of exhibition in Lannion, Britanny for three years.
  • In 1999 and 2001 winner of E.S.B. Environmental Photography awards in Ireland.
  • Have lectured extensively to clubs throughout Ireland and have acted as a National Judge for competitions.
  • 2008 Member of international judging panel at Tallaght International Salon.
  • 2009 Organised and led landscape photography workshops in Dingle, Co. Kerry.
  • 2010 Awarded M.F.I.A.P.

John’s MFIAP Panel