Print & Projected Images competition

The event coordinator is Michael O’Sullivan and can be contacted via email here
Please Note:
Entry to this competition is strictly via the regional rounds. Please contact your regional coordinator or Club rep for details of the regional rounds
Clarification of rules:
Qualification via Regional Round is Compulsory. Contact your regional representatives for details of date and venue. Submissions will only be accepted if they are compliant with all requirements as outlined in the rules.

Rules and Regulations


New categories:
To allow people the opportunity to submit images which fit the Themes required for FIAP biennials, without compromising their choice of image submissions in the “Monochrome print” “Colour Print” & “Projected Image” categories, 3 theme specific categories have been added. These are:
People Creatively (Colour Prints only)
Images that describe the person, persons, emotion, the human condition, human interaction or human activities taken in a creative manner, using form and light to portray the message of the image – formal portraits, record shots, environmental portraiture etc. do not necessarily apply.
Irish Environmental Portraiture (Monochrome Prints only)
People (Digital Projected Images only)
Example: A Photographer has some very strong images which would fit the “People Creatively” theme, but really wants to submit a set of abstract, urban architecture, and interior/still life images in the 3 open categories.
Under the new system, the photographer can enter those images as desired, but can enter 2 additional images in the “People Creatively” colour print Theme section.

Open Categories
Colour Print Max 3 Images
Monochrome Print Max 3 Images
Projected Image Max 3 Images
Themed Categories:
People Creatively (Colour Print) Max 2 Images
Irish Environmental Portraiture (Monochrome Print) Max 2 Images
People (Digital Projected Images only) Max 2 Images

Theme Rules:
Images will be selected from both Open and Theme sections in the PPI competition for inclusion in the IPF entries for FIAP biennials and other international competitions. so long as they  comply with the themes. Awards for each category will only be made for images submitted into that category.
Eg: An image fitting the “Coastal Ireland” theme in the open colour print section may be selected for inclusion in the IPF entry into the relevant FIAP biennial, and is eligible to receive an award within the “Colour Print” category, but will not be eligible for awards within the “Coastal Ireland” category, as this is a separate competition section.
Entry & Fees:
It is mandatory to enter at least one of the open categories.
1 Category:     Eur10-
2 Categories:   Eur15-
3 Categories:   Eur20-
4 or more:        Eur25-