March 31, 2015

Fellowship (FIPF)

Associateship is the third level of IPF Distinction. Successful applicants can use the appendix FIPF.
Please note the following changes to the Distinctions process:

  1. From September 2013 sitting, applicants must present a different body of work for each distinction level being sought. This means that none of your images used for your Licentiateship can be used for an Associateship application and similarly no images used for your Licentiateship or Associateship can be used in your Fellowship application.
  2. Effective immediately no further distinction applications using traditional transparencies (slides) or digitally projected images will be accepted.

Requirements: The applicant must have achieved AIPF (or equivalent) and submit a panel of 20 images for assessment. Please refer to the distinctions protocol document for more information.
Payment can be made by cash, cheque or paypal. The link to paypal payment is below and postal address for cheques may be found in the application form.

Distinction Application
Full Name
Distinction Type

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