FIAP Biennials

Each year FIAP (International Federation of Photographic Art) hold international competitions called FIAP Biennials. These are hosted by different federations around the world each year and each competition is a separate event.  As the name suggests, each competition is held every two years. Some examples:

  • Colour Print Biennial
  • Monochrome Print Biennial
  • Projected Images Biennial
  • Nature Colour Print Biennial
  • Nature Projected Images Biennial

    The full list is available to view on Biennials Section of FIAP website.

    One of the criteria on which each country’s competition entry is judged is cohesion, and such cohesion can be achieved through the use of a theme. For more information about themes and how they are used in IPF competitions to build up a portfolio of images for selection, please take a look at “Competition Themes” to see what the current themes are.

    In 2015, the Colour Print Biennial & Projected Images Biennial will be held.

    With two world titles, a string of top 10 results, individual awards and the prestigious Challenge du President Fondateur Dr Van de Wijer for the best combined entry in colour prints, monochrome prints and projected images culminating in 2012, Ireland is representing itself very well on the international stage and hope to continue to claim even more titles in the future!

    To have a look at the panels which won Ireland gold, please take a look at the following articles:

    FIAP 24th Colour Print Biennial
    FIAP 31st Monochrome Print Biennial