IPF Newsletter - May - 2018

A cháirde

Welcome to the May 2018 newsletter of the Irish Photographic Federation. Now that we are finally experiencing a little bit of good weather I hope your all getting out and about and capturing the spring as it blooms into colour.

April is one of those months that we don’t have an IPF event in the yearly calendar year however it none the less has been a very busy month for the Federation as we have been working behind the scenes in preparations for the National Club Finals which will take place in Mullingar on the weekend of 19th & 20th May. That weekend, in particular, we will have an array of things going on which you can read about further in the newsletter. The one thing different about this year’s event is that we are having a special 40th Anniversary Dinner on Saturday the 19th in the Mullingar Park Hotel. It will be an opportunity to meet up with the founding members of the IPF and the ex-presidents that have served the Federation over the last 40 years and reminisce about days & events that have occurred over the years and the changes that have come to pass. It will be a very special event that we hope photographers and club members will come along to and join in and help us celebrate.
As a voluntary organisation, the Irish Photographic Federation has been representing clubs and their members since 1978 which in itself is a great achievement. The Federations aim back then and still remains today was to assist and help photographers across the country improve the standard of their photography and bring Irish Photography to a new level and promote its growth nationally and internationally.
As the current president, I would like to pass on my sincere thanks to all those who have been involved in one way or another over the past 40 years who gave up their time voluntarily and still do to this day for the betterment of amateur photography here in Ireland. Collectively they have all brought the organization to where it is today after all the years and that is no small achievement. We will continue to do our best to represent the clubs and photographers affiliated to the Federation and with your help hopefully last for a lot more years still to come.

Until next time,
Kind Regards,
Dominic Reddin FIPF
Irish Photographic Federation.

Upcoming Events in the IPF Calendar

IPF Calender Jan

What's Inside this Month?

  • Notice of IPF AGM
  • National Club Finals 2018
  • Distinctions - March 2018
  • IPF Distinctions Service Update
  • AnÓige Annual Exhibition
  • Spotlight on Terry Conroy
  • Focus on Satsun, Ballyfermot Photographic Club
  • Book Review "CLOSE UP AND MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY Its Art and Fieldcraft Techniques"
  • DSLR change of name
  • SACC 2018 Interclub Competition
  • North East AGM
  • IPF Nature Group
  • IPF Audio Visual on Tour
  • FIAP Distinctions
  • Silk Road Youth International Photography Competition
  • IPF Awards

Notice of IPF AGM.

To All Affiliated Clubs of the Irish Photographic Federation
Please note that the Annual General Meeting of the Irish Photographic Federation will take place on Sunday May 20th 2018 at 10.00a.m in Aras an Mhuillin Mount Street, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath. The Agenda is listed below.

1. Adoption of Minutes of AGM 2017
2. Presidents Report
3. Treasurers Report
4. Election of Council Members:
5. Motions / Discussion Point

Please note that the members of the IPF are its Affiliated Clubs and Societies in good standing with the organisation. Each club will be entitled to one vote and one representative to speak on behalf of each club.

Motions or matters for discussion must be submitted in writing not less than 14 days before date of the AGM, that being May 6th 2018, and must be submitted by the secretary of affiliated clubs only. To submit, please use the contact form on our website and select ‘General’ from the options available.

All motions / matters for discussion must be approved for submission by the committee of the club presenting a motion.

IPF National Club Championships 2018

More Info: www.irishphoto.ie/ipf-national-club-championships-2018
Club Championships
At the weekend there will be the Annual dinner – space has been booked in the Mullingar Park Hotel for dinner on Saturday 19th, for 30 to 40 places. The cost will be €40.00 per head. This years dinner is a special event to mark the 40th anniversary of the IPF.

To mark the IPF’s 40th anniversary, the dinner on Saturday 19th will be a commemorative dinner at which past presidents and founder members will be guests of honour. Places are limited – please book and pay for your reservation here.

Sheamus O’Donoghue is the coordinator of the event and can be contacted at manorphoto@eircom.net
More Info: www.irishphoto.ie/ipf-national-club-championships-2018

Distinctions - March 2018

Thanks as usual to our Distinctions Secretary Bob Morrison for his work both on the day and dealing with all the applications, to our adjudicators chaired by Des Clinton and to the entire team who work behind the scenes before, during and after each session.

Full list of successful distinction holders.

IPF Distinction Service Update


March 2019 will open for applications on May 26th, 2018.(Noon)
There will be a limited number of Fellowship places.

AnÓige 80th Annual Exhibition

AnÓige Photographic Group will be holding their 80th Annual Exhibition
this year. From the 31st May to 10th June inclusive.
For more information and the entry form click on this link.

Spotlight on

Terry Conroy

Terry is a member of the Portlaoise Camera Club and an award-winning photographer

Terry Conroy 560
ROA 560
Amour dans les Yeux 560
Q: When did you take up photography?
A: As far back as I can remember but I started getting serious when I joined a Camera Club in 2011.

Q: Which club are you a member of?
A: Portlaoise Camera Club

Q: Do you have any IPF/FIAP/RPS etc. distinctions?
A: I have an LIPF since November 2012 and hope to go for my AIPF shortly

Q: First camera? First DSLR?
A: I got an Olympus OM 10 for my 21st birthday would have been my first “proper” camera. My first DSLR was a silver Canon 300D.

Q: What was the background to your most successful image?
A: It was carefully planned and taken for a Club mono exhibition. The theme was people of Laois in their environment. The picture was of my parents outside their home of 57 years and it went on to win an IPF silver medal at the National Club Championships in 2013. I was also on TV3 morning television where the image won the first monthly photography competition.
Pathway of Life 560
Q: Your own favourite image?
A: That is a very difficult question as it changes from time to time. However, one that I took with the Olympus in the grounds of Ballyfin College (now a 5 star hotel) is one that has hung on my wall for the last 20 years and I never tire of it. It features our son Brendan holding out his hand and looking up at his mother. It will never win any photographic prizes but, while it’s nice to win, that’s not what photography is all about for me.
Ballyfin 560
Q: What genre of photography best describes your photography or are you a general interest photographer?
A: I love all photography and learning for each different shoot is important to me

Q: Canon or Nikon or Fuji or Sony?
A: Canon (what’s Nikon???)

Q: Would you recommend joining a camera club? Why? What have you got out of it?
A: Absolutely. I have learned loads from the people in the Club and we pride ourselves as being a friendly social bunch! I look forward to learning and sharing ideas every week. I also draw inspiration from the people in the Club.

Q: What does photography mean to you?
A: I am very passionate about my photography and I really enjoy the constant learning process. I am lucky enough to be driven by my interest rather than by business and I get great pleasure in being able to create something that people enjoy.

Q: What is your photographic dream?
A: To retire shortly and be snapped up by National Geographic to travel the world on their behalf. I’ll even pay them!!

Q: Do you have a website/flickr/facebook photo page? http://bigterry0.wixsite.com/terrycphotography

Focus on Satsun, Ballyfermot Photographic Club

Q: When was Satsun, Ballyfermot Photographic Club founded?
A: Satsun, Ballyfermot Photographic Club was founded in 2003.

Q: How many members do you have?
A: Usually between 20-30 members.

Q: When and where do you meet?
A: We meet in the Ballyfermot Resource Centre on Ballyfermot Road every Monday from September to June, at 7:45pm to 9:45pm. We also meet on Mondays in July and August to go on field trips to take photos of places such as Trim Castle, The Docks, etc.

Q: Any notable events? (exhibitions/workshops etc.)
A: We have had a number of exhibitions in the local library, the local Civic Centre, and at Ballyfermot Credit Union, where they ran a competition, and credit union members selected images taken by Satsun members for inclusion in the Credit Union Calendar. We were also the first club in Ireland to host the National Shield three years in a row. Initially, we had to convince the IPF that such a small club in Ballyfermot was capable of providing the resources and location to host such an event. It went so well we were asked to do it a second year, and then a third! After the third year, the IPF presented us with a Certificate to mark the club’s hosting of the Shield 3 years in a row, and this is on display in our club room.

Q: When was the club started and by whom?
A: Satsun Photographic Club was set up in 2003 by two groups of people who had attended a 10-week photography course with a professional photographer. This was sponsored by a group called “Urban” who were running different projects in the Ballyfermot area. After the course was finished the group wanted to continue to learn about photography, and so Satsun was born. Its name comes from the merging of the two groups – the Saturday group and the Sunday group! The club has been running successfully ever since then, and now enters competitions at local and national level. It was started by Maria Fennessy, Rose Kearns and Colm Reilly, all who are still active members of Satsun. Rose is Club Secretary at present, and Colm is Competition Secretary.

Q: Any member have any significant achievements or milestones recently?
A: Our club Chairperson, Justin Melia, recently entered 15 images into the Dublin South Leinster Region IPF Photographer of the Year Competition. 14 of his images were selected to go forward to the club finals in Carlow. He was also awarded a Gold and Silver in the DSLR regional round competition.

Q: To what do you attribute your success?
A: To being a small, friendly club.

Q: What was the best outing/talk/club night in last 12 months?
A: Recently, we had Nature Photographer of the Year 2017, Ita Martin, give us a talk. Her photos were stunning, her knowledge of her subject (wildlife) impressive, and all round it was a most entertaining and inspiring lecture.

Q: If another camera club came to your town where are the best-kept secrets that they should photograph?
A: The secrets are everywhere!! From the smallest bee on a flower to the reflection on the largest buildings to the people going about their business, the kids playing. We try to encourage our members to look at their environment with “fresh eyes” and “see” differently.

Q: What is the aspect of your group that makes it so special?
A: That whilst learning about photography we also have a lot of fun. Our members and all very friendly and sociable, and it’s as much about the gathering of sociable people, as it is about our shared passion of photography.

Q: If you could ask the IPF to improve on one thing, what would that be?
A: As we are a small club, we have found no issues with the IPF.
SatSun party

Book Review


It's Art and Fieldcraft Techniques"

Robert Thompson is one of Ireland’s most accomplished and successful nature photographers. He is also a respected conservationist and entomologist and his iconic books on a range of topics including Northern Ireland’s landscape, have achieved international acclaim. He is also a Fellow of the IPF and was awarded a direct Fellowship by the Royal Photographic Society.
With this new large-format book, Robert makes his lifetime’s experience and knowledge of macro and close up photography available to all levels of photographer, from the newest to the most experienced. It is exactly what it says on the cover. It’s all about art, technique, and skill and from the outset I must point out that nothing like it has ever been done before by an Irish photographer. Unlike other books, which are merely collections of photos, this one tells how to approach and capture a wide variety of different subjects and the author does this in a very understandable and easy to follow style.

Robert reveals numerous aspects of how each photo in the book was taken. Every image is accompanied by details of the camera used, lens, focal distance, aperture, and ISO. He reveals natural and artificial lighting techniques, as well as tricks of the trade, learned over years and years of dedicated fieldcraft. The emphasis is very much on ‘art and fieldcraft’. But the author also emphasizes the importance of ethics in nature photography, something that we as photographers must adhere to at all times. His dedication to capturing his subjects in camera and his incredible knowledge is inspirational. Each page oozes with information that every bona fide nature photographer should know.
photo 03 European Common Frog Rana temporaria
Thompson's Quarry Lisadain, Co. Armagh H836466
Indeed, one of the striking things about the book is the range and variety of subjects he covers. We may not have penguins, lions, and tigers in the wild in Ireland, but we do have extraordinary looking beetles and awesome creatures like frogs, damselflies, moths, butterflies and many other smaller species that are all but ignored by photographers who prefer these days, it seems, to photograph kingfishers and pine martens in third-party hides. What about the other species? Why not go find those yourself? It might be hard work but it’s fieldcraft and the satisfaction one gets from making the effort should not be underestimated. Nothing beats putting in the legwork yourself, and Robert proves this in the images that shine out from the pages of his book.

Our smaller species, beautiful and spectacular, receive attention from this photographer, who freely shares not just his photographic knowledge, but also his knowledge of the different species he photographs. Having some understanding of the species you photograph is true fieldcraft. It is very unlike what happens in workshops or by spending time in third-party hides where a knowledge and understanding of the subject is unimportant to the task. In my experience, many of the best nature photographers were interested in nature before they discovered how to use a camera. In this book, Robert reveals such passion through his stunning photography and with the knowledge he shares.

This is unlike any other book I’ve seen on Irish photography, each of which has contributed in its own way to our appreciation of what’s out there waiting to be captured in camera. I honestly cannot recommend it highly enough. At a price of around €40 (cheaper on Kindle) it might sound expensive, but not compared to going on a workshop or buying accessories for your camera.
photo 04 Actias dubernardi Dubernardi's Silkmoth
photo 06 Black Darter Sympetrum danae female
photo 05 White-lipped Pit Viper Trimereresurus albolabris Mangrove Pit Viper Trimeresurus purpureomaculatus
If you’re serious about improving your nature photography then buy this book. Take his advice – ‘Don’t get too hung up on theories’ and try to learn from the expertise he has to offer. But most of all, learn to enjoy the moment of capturing something in the wild that other human eyes have not seen, and which you can then share with others in your camera club.

If you buy no other photography book this year, buy this one. You won’t be disappointed.

By the way, Robert is a fantastic camera club speaker. His AV presentation style influenced me into using that medium to show off my own work. Invite him to give a talk. You'll be enthralled.

Book review by Bill Power, FIPF, ARPS, EFIAP/b, EPSA

DSLR Change of Name to MER.

At the recent Annual General Meeting of the former Dublin and South Leinster Region, it was unanimously agreed, with the approval of Council, to change the Region name to “Irish Photographic Federation Mid East Region” (MER). The former abbreviated name for the region (DSLR) was felt by many to be somewhat confusing since the advent of the digital era. The meeting also agreed to adopt a new Constitution.
In her report for the previous year, the Chairperson, Ita Martin, referred to the two successful workshops that had been arranged - Joan Blease on Creativity and Paul Stanley on Judging – and said that it was the Committee’s intention to hold two further workshops during the coming twelve months, Further details will follow in due course.

SACC 2018 Interclub Competition Results

Congratulations to all the clubs that entered and hopefully you learned a lot from the participation. Thank you to all who attended the SACC AGM after the competition. Ideas for rebooting the Interclub Competition and adjusting the format will be circulated in the coming months. And here are the results……
More Info: SACC.ie

IPF North East Region AGM

The Irish Photographic Federation North East Region AGM was held on Wednesday the 25th April 2018. Members from over 14 club's in the region were invited to attend The Workhouse, Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan to avail of complimentary refreshments and listen to an address from the Chair, Frank Condra and Dave Donlon's Treasurer's Report.
Next on the agenda was the election of the committee for 2018/2019. It was proposed that the existing committee be re-elected to help build upon the work already done in the past year. The motion was passed with a majority vote, with the position of assistant PRO left vacant to be filled at a later date.
The members of the IPF North East Region committee for 2018/2019 are Chair - Frank Condra, Vice Chair - Gabriel O'Shaughnessy, Treasurer - Dave Donlon, Secretary - Julie Corcoran, Assistant Secretary - Ita Pentony, PRO - Arthur Finnegan.

The regional committee will be contacting clubs in the coming weeks to assess their needs and what the IPF North East Region can do for them. On the cards will be a day in the Autumn set aside for a variety of workshops/presentations to address these needs.

Kind Regards

Julie Corcoran

The IPF Nature Group.

The Nature Group is delighted to announce that we have arranged a projected image competition between our members and the members of our counterpart in Northern Ireland, the Nature Group of the Northern Ireland Photographic Association . We have again been fortunate to obtain permission to use the facilities of the National Botanic Gardens in Glasnevin and the competition will take place in one of their lecture rooms on Saturday, 25th November 2017. The NIPA Nature Group have very kindly offered to provide a trophy to be presented to the winning Group and we will provide three individual medals and two highly commended certificates for the best images in each of two classes - open wildlife, and wildlife photographed in Ireland North or South.. Both bodies have mutually agreed to invite Mark Sedgwick FIPF EFIAP ESFIAP to judge the competition and we are delighted to say that he has kindly agreed to do so. The general intention is to hold the competition annually in alternate jurisdictions.

The Nature workshops we held in Athlone and Enniscorthy were highly successful and could usefully be repeated in the Southern and North Eastern regions, so if any club in those areas would like to host one, please contact our secretary, Malcolm McCamley (mmc@indigo.ie) and we will make suitable arrangements.

We are also working on plans for a workshop on Astrophotography as well as a Summer field day in the Midlands; an Autumn Foliage field day in Tollymore Forest, Newcastle, Co Down and a weekend visit to Killarney National Park to photograph the Red Deer rut around October.

To join the Nature Group, go to http://irishphoto.ie/ipf-nature-group-update/
Greater Spotted Woodpecker
Grater Spotted Woodpecker.
Red Kites
Red Kites.

Audio Visual On Tour

The “A” Team On Tour!

Alan Lyons, Brendan O’Sullivan and Lilian Webb travelled to the Riverside Park Hotel, Enniscorthy on Saturday, 14th April to present “A Workshop On Getting Started With Audio Visual”. All three have their “A”IPF in Audio Visual!
Lilian provided administrative assistance while Brendan and Alan worked together as a team for the day. They showed a couple of their Audio Visuals, but most of the day was on how to get started in AV. They gave an introduction to Pictures to Exe (P2E) in the morning and how to get your images into P2E. After lunch, there was an introduction to working with sound and using Audacity. Finally, Brendan and Alan demonstrated how to get sound into P2E.
As well as Brendan and Alan working with the participants on a one to one basis, it was great to see all helping each other. Many thanks to Brendan & Alan who put a lot of preparation into the workshop.
As this year, the IPF AV National Championships, which will be held on 20th & 21st October, will include a Photo Harmony competition, the IPF AV Group Committee of which Alan, Brendan & Lilian are part of, are looking forward to seeing some entries from those who participated. There is also a Best First Time Entrant award in the IPF AV National Championships, so we expect healthy rivalry from new entrants!

FIAP Distinctions.

"Many thanks to all those who have submitted applications for FIAP Distinctions. This year we have had 37 applications. Hopefully, all will be successful.
We are now in the process of checking and double-checking these before we submit them to FIAP by the closing date of 31 March. We expect to hear back from FIAP sometime in May.
Paul Stanley - the FIAP Liaison Officer - will be in touch with everyone who has applied during March with details of the next steps and with details of the FIAP Distinctions Holders exhibition, which will take place during June in the FIAP Exhibition Centre, Dublin"

FIAP Distinctions Holders Exhibition - June 2018

The Irish Photographic Federation - in association with the Eddie Chandler Gallery, a FIAP Exhibition Center - will host an exhibition of images by successful FIAP Distinction Holders.
The exhibition will open on Saturday 9th, June 2018 in the Gallery.
The presentation of pins and certificates will take place as part of the opening reception. All successful FIAP Distinction applicants for 2018 will be asked to submit some of their images and these will form the exhibition. The numbers to be submitted will depend on the number of photographers applying in 2018 - but we guarantee at least one per photographer.

The exhibition will then be on show for the month of June.

This is a change to our normal practice of presenting pins and certificates as part of the IPF Club Championships. It is felt that by organising this exhibition we will be able to give better recognition to our successful international photographers.
FIAP Biennials
This year FIAP are organising two Biennials – a Monochrome Biennial and a Nature Biennial.

The IPF selection committee is currently reviewing the entries from 2016, 2017 and 2018 POTY and NPOTY competitions and the entries for the 2017 Club Championships amongst other competitions. From this, they will gather the entries to be submitted to these Biennials. We hope to be able to maintain our success in previous years. More details will be available after the judging of both the Biennials

Silk Road Youth International Photography Competition (Accredited by FIAP)

In August 2017, Silk Road Photographic Organization International Alliance was officially founded after a signing ceremony joined by Belt and Road countries (hereinafter referred to as B&R countries) in China. In order to conform to the alliance’s tenet of “inherit the Silk Road spirit, focus on the Belt and Road development, enhance innovation, cooperation and development, adhere to reciprocity and win-win strategy”, and with the aim of practicing the photography exchanges among B&R countries, promoting cross-boundary integration and innovation development of diverse cultures, and strengthening youth photography education and communication in the world, Silk Road Photographic Organization International Alliance specially initiated the Silk Road Youth International Photography Competition in cooperation with Beijing China Millennium Monument World Art Center, Beijing International Art and Photography Foundation, Shandong International Cultural Exchange Center. This competition has been formally accredited by the international federation of photography(FIAP).
More information can be found @ https://unescosilkroadphotocontest.org/

IPF Awards

Did you know that the IPF have an honorary award system available?

IPF Awards should not be confused with IPF Distinctions. Awards are made to individuals who have served above and beyond at club or higher level over a significant period. To preserve the integrity and high standing of these honorary awards, the number granted each year will be strictly limited. The final decision on granting each Award will be made by the IPF Awards Committee, which shall be comprised of six members of the IPF Council including a secretary elected by the Awards Committee and chaired by the IPF President.

Further details available over on our website.

ipf awards 600

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