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November 2021

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Welcome to the November edition of our Newsletter. The National Shield finals took place on Sunday November 14th via Zoom. A big “Thank You” to Sheldon Long/Fine Art Papers by Sheldon for sponsoring the event. Thanks to our esteemed judges Gerry Andrews, FIPF, ARPS, EFIAP, Des Connors, FIPF and Gwen Charnock, FRPS, MFIAP, APAGM for their expertise. A special word of thanks to Andy Magan and his team – Ned Mahon, Bernie Kelly and Fiona Long - for organising the event.
With photography being more or less on hold during the Covid pandemic, it’s great that so many clubs entered the competition. Congratulations to all on their club and individual achievements - results are included in this edition.

Unfortunately, the incidence of COVID-19 continues to be high in Ireland. A recent statement from the Chief Medical Officer highlights the danger of continuing high levels of socialisation and contributing to the rise in the number of COVID-19 cases. We are all being encouraged to reduce our social contacts by half to help reduce the spread of the infection.

Once again, I encourage all clubs to comply fully with the COVID-19 regulations as outlined on https://www.gov.ie/en/publication/3361b-public-health-updates/.

If you are organising any events, indoors or outdoors, please make yourself aware of the current situation in your own area as well as any area you are travelling to. Remember the guidelines are there to protect us all. Please see below an Advisory Notice prepared by Dr John Cuddihy, former IPF President on the current COVID-19 situation. I wish to personally thank Dr Cuddihy for his advice which will be very helpful to our affiliated clubs and their members:

Advisory Notice to Clubs re COVID-19

"In light of the recent deteriorating national figures in new cases of COVID-19, it is advised that Club Officers seriously review their decision on returning to indoor face-to-face meetings. While this is a very frustrating situation, the health and wellbeing of club members should always remain paramount.

Should a club wish to proceed with, or remain with physical meetings, please be mindful of the following points:
  1. The current prevalence of COVID-19 in your area
  2. The vaccination status of individual members. Unvaccinated members should NOT attend meetings
  3. Adhere to all current public health guidelines for indoor meetings – social distancing, ventilation of the room, face coverings, hand sanitizing, etc
  4. If a club member, whether vaccinated or not, has symptoms suggestive of COVID-19, that member should NOT attend, and arrange a PCR test
  5. If a club member is currently a close contact, that member should NOT attend
Above all, it is the health and welfare of our fellow club members that we should all look out for."

John Butler, FIPF, ARPS

Irish Photographic Federation

What's Inside this Month?

  • Distinction Assessments Notice
  • Report of the National 38th AV Championship and 2nd Open Harmony AV Competition
  • National Shield 2021 - Results
  • FIAP News

Next Online Distinction Assessments


Saturday 20th November

Licentiate, Associate and Fellowship assessments are scheduled online for Saturday November 20th.

To get an attendance invite via Zoom, click below or go to

38th Irish Photographic Federation’s National Audio Visual Championships 2020/2021


2nd Open Photo Harmony Audio Visual Competition

Screenshot - IPF AV2020 2021

National AV Championship 2020/2021
  • The above was held for the first time via Zoom on Saturday, 16th October, 2021. The event was not held last year, due to Covid. We were delighted to have had Alastair Taylor, ARPS, CPAGB/AV as our judge. Alastair has judged many competitions - both national and international and is a prize winning author. The sequences were sent to him in advance, and as usual, he made very constructive comments on each of the national entries in person on the day.

    There were 18 sequences from 5 different clubs - Celbridge, Malahide, Bangor & North Down, Shannon & Offshoot in four categories. The winners were:-
  • Jane McIlroy from Bangor & North Down who won the Novice section and the Best First Time Entrant.
  • Diarmuid O’Donnchadha from Malahide won the Intermediate Section and Celbridge Camera Club the Club Section.
  • In the Advanced Section, Honourable Mention Ribbons were won by Sheamus O’Donoghue from Shannon, Rita Nolan from Celbridge & Brendan O’Sullivan also from Celbridge, who also won the Best Photography Trophy.
  • Michael Linehan from Celbridge won the Best Humour Trophy.
  • Brendan O'Sullivan won a Bronze Medal for another sequence and Liam Haines from Offshoot won a Silver Medal and also the Best Script Trophy.
  • The winner of the Advanced Section and the Overall Winner of the Kieran O’Loughlin Memorial Trophy & the Best Sound Production Trophy, 2 Gold Medals and a Bronze Medal for the audience vote was Judith Kimber from Bangor & North Down.

Open Photo Harmony Competition

There were 27 entries in the Open Photo Harmony competition with entrants from Ireland, north and south, England, Slovakia, Netherlands, South Africa, Switzerland, New Zealand & Australia.

  • There were Honourable Mention Ribbons for Marcel Batist, Netherlands, Derrick Holliday & Alan Tyrer both from England.
  • There were two runners-up Silver Medals in the Best Irish Entries going to Brendan O’Sullivan & Raymond Hughes, with Mark Allen winning the Gold Medal.
  • Malcolm Imhoff from England & John Hodgson from Australia were the runners up in the overall competition, again gaining Silver Medals
  • The overall winner was Andrew Gagg from England, winning the Gold.
  • The audience-vote Bronze Medal went to Alan Tyrer.

On average there were 49 households tuning into each sequence and over the course of the day, there were 79 attendees from four continents - Australia, Africa, Europe & America - we're working on Asia and Antarctica for the next time!

Not only did Alastair give excellent constructive comments on each of the National
entries, and a general comment on the Photo Harmony section, he also showed several of his sequences - “Devotion”, “Ghost Town”, “Preservation Divine”, “That Picture”, “In the Footsteps of the San”, “A Mother’s Son” & “Beyond the Wall”. He also explained the rationale behind the making of each, which was much appreciated. Many of those in Ireland would not have had the opportunity of seeing his sequences before. In fact, Jeff Morris from South Africa emailed me to say that he is pinching this aspect for his “Yes” competition - showing some of the judge’s work!

After the presentation of prizes, it was good to have the President of the IPF, John Butler, FIPF at his first Audio Visual Festival to say a few words before Brendan O’Sullivan, who opened the championships also brought the championships to a close.

I have been the IPF AV Group Secretary/Treasurer since 1998 and the IPF AV Co-Ordinator for about 15 years. When the committee met to organise the IPF AV Championships in those days, we had to put slides in magazines, test them to ensure the pictures on the entry forms matched the first 5 and last image and played with the cassette. Of course, on the day, the authors had to play the sequences themselves pressing all the right buttons at the right time .. and in the early days manually! Now your sequence flies over the internet by We-Transfer!

I want to acknowledge the amount of work that Alan Lyons did in setting up the online entries, the audience vote, receiving and showing the sequences and sending them to Alastair. Also Liam Haines & Maria O’Reilly who acted as Co-Hosts and Margaret Finlay as M.C. It was a very long day with the committee in place from 9 a.m. and still there just before 9 p.m! This is the first time it was held as a 1 day event. We really missed the camaraderie and the gala dinner but it was good to chat to many from around the world. I never thought as a Webb that I would be in touch with so many on the world-wide web!

Lilian Webb, AIPF, ARPS
IPF National Audio Visual Co-Ordinator

National Shield

Digital Competition 2021

The National Shield Competition 2021 took place on Sunday 14th November, this year again we had a Zoom presentation, due to Covid 19. I would like to thank the 17 Clubs and Societies that took part.

Sheldon Long from Fine Art Papers was the sponsor again this year,
Check out his web site: http://fineartpapers.ie

Special Offer 10% off with CODE: Shield2021
Offer ends on: 28th November 2021
The Judges: I had three outstanding and experienced judges. Each addressed their task admirably and with great efficiency. Their marking was consistent throughout but more important was their quality of feedback.

Summing up their enjoyment and each remarked on the extraordinarily high standard of photography on display making it a challenge to pick the best of the best.
The IPF President John Butler FIPF, ARPS said a few words to a very attentive and appreciative audience.

Special thanks go to my small team of helpers, Ned Mahon, Fiona Long and Bernie Kelly from the Kilkenny Photographic Society

The National Shield Digital 2021 results and Images are available to view on the IPF web site.

The successfully winning Clubs and Societies:

Congratulations to Catchlight Camera Club winner of the National Shield 2021 to all the winning participants.

Andrew Magan AIPF ARPS EFIAP/b
National Shield Coordinator
Irish Photographic Federation


fiap facebook
FIAP World Cup for Clubs

The FIAP World Cup for Clubs is currently open for any club to participate.
The Closing Date is 19th November 2021.
The judging will take place from 3rd to 5th December 2021.
The rules and all the information you need is at this website: https://fiapworldcup.fotogenius.es/fiapworldcup/2021/index.php

Each club can submit 20 images – which can be either monochrome and/or colour and on any theme or genre. There are restrictions on the number of authors representing each club and on the size of the digital files. So please consult the rules before making your submission.

Many clubs represented by the IPF have entered in the past and have achieved great success. We send good luck to those who are taking part this year.

FIAP Distinctions

We are now coming to the time of year for people to start preparing their submissions for FIAP distinctions. All the information you require can be found on the IPF website at this address: https://irishphoto.ie/fiap/fiap-distinctions/
Applications are now open on the IPF website in November and all files, images etc. must be with me by the end of February 2022.
Contact me via the Contact page on the website if you have any questions or need access to the relevant entry forms.

FIAP Photo Academy

The Academy has arranged a number of exciting online events which are free of charge and are open to anyone to attend. All you need to do is to register by clicking on the links below. A Zoom Link will be sent by email the day before the event.

First up is the Award Ceremony for the 14th FIAP World Cup for Clubs held in 2020. This takes place on Saturday 21st November at 2pm. Many of our IPF clubs took part including Catchlight Camera Club who were placed third overall, Drogheda Photographic Club who were placed fifth overall and Blarney Photography Club who were placed ninth overall. In addition Gerard Mulhall from Boyne Valley Photographic Club received a Bronze Medal, Judy Boyle from Drogheda Photographic Club received an Honourable Mention and Stephen Sinclair from Catchlight Camera Club also received an Honourable Mention. Congratulations to all who participated and in particular to these clubs and their members. The participating clubs have been invited to register to attend – along with their award winners – and can register at this link: https://forms.gle/mR37LetpKxcKLj197

On Sunday 28th November at 2pm the Academy will host “The Power of Photography for Humanity with Reza Deghati”.

    Reza Deghati - Final Poster - English
    A philanthropist, idealist, humanist, Reza’s career began with studies in architecture. He has gone on to become a renowned photojournalist who, for the last three decades, has worked all over the world, notably for National Geographic. His assignments have taken him to over a hundred countries as a witness to humanity’s conflicts and catastrophes. His work is featured in the international media (National Geographic, Time Magazine, Stern, Newsweek, El País, Paris Match, Geo…), as well as a series of books, exhibitions and documentaries.
    You must register at this link: https://forms.gle/ADH8BTwZTfz1YhKf7

    The final presentation for 2021 will be on Saturday 18th December at 2pm and is “Art Wolfe Presents: Recent Works”.
    Art Wolfe is a well-known American photographer who has worked extensively with National Geographic amongst other publications. Details and registration for this will follow.

    All the events of the FIAP Photo Academy are published on the FIAP Facebook and Instagram pages. So if you are users of these sites please find and follow the pages – that way you can keep up to date.
    If you would like to receive notice about upcoming events please send an email to fiapphotoacademy@gmail.com to be included in the distribution list.

    FIAP Wildlife Competition

    Details are out about a new FIAP Wildlife Competition open to photographers from around the world. There are two sections
    • Animal Behaviour
    • Animal or Animals in their environment
    There are some points to note
    • Entries must comply with the new 2022 FIAP Wildlife Definition
    • Colour Photos only
    • Free Entry – participation is without entry fees
    • The competition has FIAP Patronage and acceptances can be counted for FIAP Distinctions
    • The competition is open to everyone
    • The closing date is 1st February 2022
    See https://fiapnature.fotogenius.es/ or Appendix 1 below, for all the details and to enter the competition. The FIAP Best Author will be invited to the next FIAP Congress or FIAP Photo Meeting with flight, transport and hotel costs paid.
    There will also be a further 36 awards.

    FIAP 29th Colour Biennial

    I have now received the catalogues for the 10 Colour Print entrants and all the awards. I will make arrangements to get them to the photographers involved over the next few weeks. I will also be sending certificates of appreciation to all whose images represented Ireland at the Biennial.

    Paul Stanley FIPF EFIAP/g ESFIAP

    FIAP Liaison Officer for the IPF

    Appendix 1: FIAP Wildlife Competition - Details

    Page 1 pdf Screenshot 2021-11-15 151555
    Page 2 pdf Screenshot 2021-11-15 151715
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