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Irish Photographic Federation Newsletter

May 2022

Welcome to the May edition of our Newsletter. I hope you are all actively taking photos to make up for all the time spent in lockdown. I know some of our club members are travelling abroad again for such opportunities, as well as taking advantage of all that is going on at home.
It was great to have the results of the National Club Championships last weekend. We used new software this year and we expect to be able to use the same software for future competitions. I’d like to thank all involved in organising such a successful competition. Thanks to George Pacini and Jennifer Willis who are in charge of the software, thanks to Dominic Redding and Sheamus O’Donoghue for co-ordinating the event. Thanks to Andy Magan for organising the Zoom events – the judging and the presentation of the results. Thanks also to Rory O’Connor and Bob Morrison for their assistance in ensuring the success of the event.

Congratulations to Catchlight for once again being the outright winner, to Celbridge who were second and to Blarney who were third. Congratulations also to the individual award winners. Jennifer Willis, Laurie Campbell and Cyril Boyd in mono – Paul Madigan, Jennifer Willis and Hugh Wilkinson in colour.

It is our intention to return to physical assessments for distinctions in September. It will be great to be judging prints again, a digital image can never have the impact and feeling of a high-quality print.

Don’t forget the “How We Age” competition, being organised by the Institute for Public Health and mentioned in the last newsletter. The closing date is June 30th - there are good prizes. Further details are available on the IPF website.

Best wishes,

John Butler, FIPF, ARPS
Irish Photographic Federation

What's Inside this Month?

  • Distinctions Update and Important Notice
  • National Club Championships - Report
  • FIAP News
  • Kilkenny Photographic Society Wildlife Competition and Talk
  • Focus - Malahide Club Diamond FIAP Success

IFP Distinctions Update

IPF medal image IMG_8013

Important Notice Online June Distinction Sitting

We have had to cancel the planned June 11th distinctions due to a very low number of digital applications. Instead, we will hold a print assessment sitting on Saturday 17th September, in Dunamaise Arts Centre, Portlaoise. Details below.

IFP Distinction Sitting -17th September 2022

We are very pleased to announced that next distinction assessment will return to the pre-Covid format in front of an audience. It will take place in Dunamaise Arts Centre, Portlaoise, on Saturday 17th September, assessing Licentiate, Associate and Fellowship panels.

APPLICATIONS FOR SEPTEMBER: The IPF website will be open for applications from Saturday 19th June to Monday 22nd August. Anyone who has already made an application for the cancelled June sitting, or who has applied for a print assessment for earlier sittings, will be prioritised for the September sitting.

QUOTAS FOR SEPTEMBER ASSESSMENTS: Over the past few years, Covid has seriously interrupted our photographic activities and we are not in a position to predict how many applications will be received for September. Use of the venue (indeed any venue) puts limitations on just how many panels can be fairly assessed in one sitting. Accordingly, we will determine quotas for the different distinction levels. Nevertheless, please send in your applications. Any applications received after quotas have been filled will be prioritised for the November sitting.

REQUIREMENTS FOR SEPTEMBER, AND LATER: While we are returning to assessing panels presented as mounted prints, we are retaining the requirement that all applicants must submit digital copies of their images at least 14 days before the sitting, initially 3rd September.
  • Digital images will be submitted via We Transfer to distinctions@irishphoto.ie, including a digital image of the “hanging plan”. All images, including the hanging plan, must be JPEG, and measure 2400px on the longest side.
  • The hanging plan should not show the author’s name or the image titles, but the images on the plan should be numbered to match the images themselves.
  • The image file name should not include the author’s name or the image title, but should only be numbered 01 etc., with the “hanging plan” having the last number.
  • Associate and Fellowship applicants should include a digital version of the Statement of Intent.
  • Mounted prints must be brought to the venue on 17th September, between 9.00am and 9.30am. Maximum mount size will be 40cm x 50cm. Associate and Fellowship applicants, please enclose your Statement of Intent with the prints, even though we will already have a digital version of this.
  • Prints will be returned their authors to take away at the end of the sitting.
The September sitting will be our first in front of an audience in over two years. This will take place under whatever Covid-prevention procedures are required at that time. Everyone’s co-operation with this will be very much appreciated.

Bob Morrison

Irish Photographic Federation’s

National Club Championships (Digital)


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The Irish Photographic Federation’s National Club Championships was held via Zoom on Saturday May 21st. The previous Saturday, May 14th, the three judges Richard Spiers DPAGB, APAGB, BPE2, Gwen Charnock FRPS, MFIAP, APAGP, and Carol McNiven Young FRPS, EFIAP/b, BPE5* DPAGB, overseen by personnel of the IPF, judged all the images in both the colour & mono panels. A total of 26 clubs participated in this year’s event. Congratulations to the club and individual winners and most of all, to the overall winners Catchlight Camera Club. The results of the event are as follows:

Individual Awards

Colour Images:
1st Meadow Pipit, Paul Madigan, Blackwater Gold Medal 15
2nd Singular Focus, Jennifer Willis, Catchlight, Silver Medal, 14
3rd Duelling Rooks, Hugh Wilkinson, Catchlight, Bronze Medal 14
Honourable Mention: Stare, Gerard Mulhall , Boyne Valley 14
Honourable Mention: Feeding Stonechats, Kieran O'Mahony Blackwater, 14

Mono Images:
1st, Through Gritted Teeth, Jennifer Willis, Catchlight, Gold Medal 14
2nd, Girl with Piercing Eyes, Laurie Campbell, Catclhlight, Silver Medal,14
3rd, Well Clear, Cyrill Boyd, Catchlight , Bronze Medal 13
Honourable Mention: My House, Des Clinton, 13
Honourable Mention: Lotabeg Girl, Morgan O'Neill, Cork Camera Group 13

Clubs Awards
Colour Panels:
1st: Catchlight (125)
2nd: Celbridge (118)
3rd: Blackwater (117)
Mono Panels:
1st: Catchlight (121)
2nd: Drogheda (115)
3rd: Celbridge (112)
Overall Winners of the National Club Championships 2022
Catchlight Camera Club

1st: Overall Catchlight Camera Club (246)
2nd: Celbridge Camera Club (230)
3rd: Blarney Photography Club (225)

Slides from the event below

Dominic Reddin


fiap facebook

FIAP Wildlife Competition

Many thanks to those who entered this competition and congratulations to those who had acceptances. The awards ceremony which included the announcement of the winners took place on Friday 27th May at 7pm.

Ireland was well represented in the Awards
  • Alice O’Brien was awarded a FLPA Bronze Medal for “The High Jumper” in the Animal Behaviour section
  • Tom Ormand was awarded a FIAP Honourable Mention for “Red Deer Stag” in the Animals in the Environment section
  • Paul Madigan was awarded a FLPA Bronze Medal for “Red Deer Stag Crossing Lake” in the Animals in the Environment section
  • Kieran O’Mahoney was awarded the FIAP Blue Pin as the Best Author in the competition.
Remember – all acceptances and awards from this competition will count towards FIAP Distinctions.

Congratulations to all.

220527 Wildlife only presentation - Alice O'Brien
220527 Wildlife only presentation - Tom Ormond
220527 Wildlife only presentation - Paul Madigan
220527 Wildlife only presentation - Kieran O'Mahony - 1
220527 Wildlife only presentation - Kieran O'Mahony - 2
220527 Wildlife only presentation - Kieran O'Mahony - 3
220527 Wildlife only presentation - Kieran O'Mahony - 4

FIAP Distinctions

Congratulations to the 25 people from the Republic of Ireland who applied for and received FIAP distinctions this year. I now have all the certificates, pins and updated FIAP Life Cards and will arrange to send them to you over the next few weeks.
The successful people are as follows:

Distinction Awarded
McAree Murphy
Michael Joseph
3.EFIAP Bronze
4.EFIAP Silver
4.EFIAP Silver
4.EFIAP Silver
5.EFIAP Gold
5.EFIAP Gold
6.EFIAP Platinum
6.EFIAP Platinum
7.EFIAP Diamond 1
7.EFIAP Diamond 1

FIAP Monochrome Biennial

Our 10 prints have now been received in Oman and are ready for the judging. We will keep you updated when we know the results.
The images and authors are as follows. However, I cannot publish the actual images – to ensure that they are not “pre-viewed” by the judges etc. And we ask everyone to do the same please.

Bill Power
Irish Fireside Hours
Turlough O’Reilly
Sparks Will Fly
Gerry Andrews
The Tailor of Jodhpur
John Butler
Outside My House
Des Clinton
My House
Gabriel O’Shaughnessy
The Auld Geyser
Tony McDonnell
Stirring The Pot
Paul Stanley
The Age of Innocence
John Sheridan
Hound Master

FIAP Competition in Response to the Humanitarian Crisis

in Ukraine

FIAP have announced an extension to the closing date for this competition and details are attached. Entry to this is free and acceptances and awards will count towards FIAP distinctions.

There are 2 themes – Open and “What is Sense of Humanity”.
The closing date is: 4th June 2022.

You can enter at https://fiap-humanity.fotogenius.es
FIAP have also made a large donation to the UN Refugee Agency on behalf of all photographers.

FIAP Online Photo Academy – Next Presentation

The next presentation will be held on Thursday 16th June 2022 at 7pm.
It will be a presentation on Ansel Adams by his assistant Alan Ross.
All previous attendees will be notified of this presentation and will be able to register if they want to. Anyone else who is interested in attending should send an email to fiapphotoacademy@gmail.com


The latest edition of the FIAP news – which is packed full of useful information – is now available on the FIAP website at https://www.fiap.net/en/fiap-news

Paul Stanley
FIAP Liaison Officer for Ireland

Kilkenny Photographic Society

Wildlife Competition and Talk by Gordon Rae


Calling all wildlife photographers! Kilkenny Photographic Society welcomes Gordon Rae MPAGB ARPS President of the Scottish Photographic Society and member of Dumfries Camera Club to judge the competition.

Open to all members of IPF registered clubs & members. FIAP rules apply. Competition judged by Gordon Rae. €15 entry fee maximum of four images per person. Prizes sponsored by Bermingham Cameras and Nicholas Mosse. For more information email wildlife@kilkennyphoto.net. Closing date Tuesday 2nd August 2022.

Visit www.kilkennyphoto.net/wildlife to enter full details and prizes.

2022 KPS Wildlife Talk A4P Poster



Gordon Rae MPAGB, ARPS, President of the Scottish Photographic Society and member of Dumfries Camera Club to give an insightful talk on Scotland’s wildlife and his journey to Alaska to capture its wildlife.
Gordon’s talk is a must for all wildlife photographers. 11:00am – 1:00pm, Sunday 4th September, Hotel Kilkenny, €5 payable at the door.After the talk, Gordon will critique entries and reveal the winners of the Kilkenny Photographic Society Wildlife Competition 2022, which closes 2nd August. 2:30pm – 5:00pm, Sunday 4th September, Hotel Kilkenny, free of charge.
The word FOCUS with focus in the foreground and a blurred background. Interface viewfinder. Video camera focusing screen. Camera frame. Creative conceptual illustration with copy space. 3D render

Malahide Camera Club

E/FIAP Diamond Awards for Two Members

Deirdre Murphy, LIPF, EFIAP/D1

I started the FIAP journey about 7 years ago along with a few friends from Malahide Camera Club. There has been huge success within the club for many members over the years and the fact that so many members were involved has made the experience more enjoyable. Myself and Catherine Bushe ( a fellow member from the club ) were delighted this year to receive our EFIAP/d1.

Broadly speaking the EFIAP/D1 requires 50 awarded images, spanning at least five countries including at least 15 different images. For me it’s really a way of encouraging me to process my images. Like so many of us, I must have thousands of images on my hard drive and I dread to think the percentage I have actually processed. There are a few unopened files waving at me patiently waiting to be processed….

I probably enjoy portraiture most in photography and composite images. I used to do a bit of nature but I find it hard work. The birds and bees are not as co-operative as models, and the light is not always in your favour.

I enjoy the styling with portraiture and capturing an expression, a pose, a moment that will make the portrait. A few of us shoot together and its always an enjoyable day with many laughs and plenty coffee along the way.

Anyone that had competed with FIAP will know that Paul Stanley is the irish FIAP Officer. Paul has been a tremendous help throughout the process for all of us and does trojan work behind the scenes to support the submission of the applications at various levels – so thank you Paul.

I have included a few of my awarded images for the EFIAP/D1
Deirdre Murray Picture1
2. Deirdre Murray Picture1
3. Picture7
4. Picture8
5. Picture9

To anyone starting on the FIAP journey, I wish you every success and enjoyment on the way!

Catherine Bushe, LIPF, EFIAP/D1

Four members of Malahide Camera Club attained FIAP distinctions this year. Together with some friends from MCC, I began entering salons about 10 years ago, and several of us have continued on that journey since. For me, it was a steep learning curve, the rules can seem complex (you can find full details on IPF website), but from the beginning, I was hooked!

I have enjoyed the challenge, working my way up at my own pace from AFIAP to this current distinction. I especially enjoy getting the printed catalogues, although, sadly, these are fewer and fewer these days. Sitting down with a cuppa and a digital catalogue is not quite the same.

I enjoy entering, pitting my images against those of international photographers, and I enjoy that exciting email which says 'congratulations'! Tastes vary from country to country, and it is always interesting to see how my image will fare against international competition. Of course, its not all plain sailing - there have been a couple of setbacks along the way, deadlines missed, rules misread etc., but it's all part of the process. Awards and acceptances can be slow to trickle in, but they all add up, and if not this year, then next . . . or even the one after. Its not a race!

The support of Malahide Camera Club is unstinting, help and advice are available at any time, and everyone is very quick to celebrate any success of a member. Without them, it would still be possible, but not half the fun!

To anyone setting out on the 'journey', I'd say - have a go! At the beginning, don't look too far ahead to distinctions, just enjoy entering against international photographers, and see how you get on. Once you get an acceptance or two (or even an award) under your belt, it becomes addictive!

I would like to congratulate my fellow club members who achieved distinctions this year, and to thank Malahide Camera Club members for their support. Not least, I would like to acknowledge the help and advice of FIAP Liaison Officer, Paul Stanley.

Here are a couple of my more recent award winning images:
Into the unknown
Quiet contemplation
Beach walk