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February 2023

Welcome to the February edition of our Newsletter. I was delighted to attend the regional nature competition organised by the IPF Nature Group and NIPA which took place in the Botanical Gardens recently. The quality of the images was outstanding, and you can see some of the medal winning images in this edition of our newsletter.
A special word of thanks to Pat Kavanagh, Chair of the Nature Group, to Suzanne Behan who organised the event, and showed the images on the day, and to Vittorio Silvestri who looked after the NIPA entries. It was great to welcome the President of NIPA, Anita Kirkpatrick, and other visitors from NIPA Clubs to the event.

Entries for the IPF National Photography Competition will open on February 28th and close on March 30th. Further information in this issue also. Entries will be via the IPF website and don’t forget that the prize for the Image of the Year is a Nikon Z6 II and a 24-70mm f4S lens sponsored by Bermingham Cameras. The images will be shown and results announced in the Horse and Jockey in Thurles on April 22nd...an event not to be missed!

We will be running a National Nature Competition later this year. Further information will be provided in due course.

Other events to look forward to are the next distinction sitting on March 11th in Portlaoise and the National Club Championships in Mullingar on May 20th and 21st.

Best wishes,

John Butler, FIPF, ARPS, President
Irish Photographic Federation

What's Inside this Month?

  • New IPF National Photography Competition

  • FIAP Biennial - Call for Images

  • Nature Group - Inter-Regional Competition 2023 - Results

New IPF National Photography Competition 2023

Sponsored by Bermingham Cameras

We are delighted to provide more detail regarding the new IPF National Photography Competition 2023:

The IPF National Photography Competition aims to encourage the highest standards in photography. The competition is open to all members of IPF-affiliated clubs.

RULES OF ENTRY National Photography Competition
The IPF National Photography Competition consists of six separate categories, with IPF gold, IPF silver and IPF bronze medals, plus two honourable mentions being awarded in each category.

The “Image of the Year” will be chosen from the winning images from each category by the judges and will also be awarded a gold medal and a Nikon Z6 II camera + Nikkor 24-70mm f4.0 S lens sponsored by Bermingham Cameras.

The 2023 Competition is a PDI event only

The categories are as follows:

People (Excluding composites)
Portraits, nudes, environmental portraits, reportage, street, travel & cultures
Sport, leisure (non-sport), music & dance
Composites, abstract composites
Landscape, seascape, astro
Still Life
Still life, macro, abstract
Architecture, streetscapes, interiors

Entering the competition:

  • Entries will be made via the official online entry system and no other form of entry method is available. The link will be published as part of the competition announcement on the IPF website.
  • Fees will be paid as part of the online entry system by PayPal. There will be no other payment method available. The fees are outlined hereunder.
  • There will be no distinction between Advanced and Non-Advanced sections in the IPF National Photography Competition.
  • There will be six categories as above and entries will be limited to a maximum of four images per category.
  • Image file type must be JPG. All other file types will be rejected by the software.
  • Images must be sized correctly in order to be accepted by the online system. Images must be a maximum 1,600 pixels on the long side.
  • Each image must have a unique title.
  • Images should use sRGB colour space
  • Images will be displayed for judging at the size submitted.
  • An entry may be rejected if, at the reasonable discretion of the IPF, it believes the entry does not conform to the competition rules and conditions or is of an offensive nature.
  • The organisers have the right to request the original unedited RAW or unedited JPEG file, negative or slide. Non-compliance with such a request may result in the image being disqualified.
Entry Fee:
  • The cost of entry will be €20, including the first four images and it will be €1 per image thereafter. Therefore, a full entry of 24 images will cost €40.
  • All content of each image entered must be the work of the photographer.
  • Except in Travel and Environmental Portraiture, alterations to images are permitted provided that all image content has originated in camera, is not digitally created on a computer, or downloaded from any other source such as the internet or stock image sources.
  • The use of images taken from drones is permitted.
  • Identifying marks, such as your name or logo, will result in the image being automatically disqualified.
  • Competitors are strictly forbidden from using the same image that has been entered in previous IPF POTY/NPOTY competitions. Any such image will be disqualified.
  • A particular image can be entered in one category only.
  • Images entered can be either colour or monochrome. Mono and colour versions of an image will be considered the same image.
  • Submission of entries to the competition is deemed to confirm the competitor’s acceptance of the competition rules and IPF’s decisions. It is the competitor’s responsibility to read and understand the rules. Interpretation and implementation of the rules shall be at the discretion of the competition co-ordinator who shall be honour-bound to adjudicate all disputes fairly and without favour. The Co-ordinator may request to see original images as part of this process.
  • Any form of canvassing of any judge or organiser is strictly forbidden.
  • Judging will be conducted in accordance with good judging practices. As the judging will be online it will be incumbent on the judges to use properly calibrated screens.
  • Three experienced judges must be chosen by the IPF Judges Sub-Committee.
  • The judges will view the images in random order.
  • Judging will be anonymous.
  • Images will be scored out of five points per judge.
  • Judges may not consult with each other until all three have submitted their scores.
  • Judges may consult when adjudicating on tied images for awards.

Your entry remains your copyright. However, it is a condition of entry that the IPF may use your entered images for the purposes of promoting photography, the work of the IPF and its regions, and as a method of promoting Irish photography.


Opening date for entries: 28th February 2023
Closing date for entries: 30th March 2023

Showing of images and awards ceremony:

22nd April 2023, Horse & Jockey Hotel, Thurles, Tipperary


The awards in each category will be as follows:

  • 2 Honourable Mentions
  • 1 Bronze
  • 1 Silver
  • 1 Gold
Image of the Year

This will be awarded to the image that, in the opinion of the judges, is the overall winner from amongst the six gold medal winners. The author of this image will receive a gold medal and a Nikon Z6 II camera + 24-70mm f4.0 S lens sponsored by Bermingham Cameras.

Email for Queries: natphoto@irishphoto.ie

FIAP Biennial - Call for Images

fiap facebook
This year FIAP will hold a Colour Biennial. It is being held in Athens, Greece. The IPF would like to make an entry as we have done in the past.

There will be two sections:
  • Colour Prints – we have to make an entry of 10 prints, with no more than 1 image per author
  • Digital Images – we have to make an entry of 20 images, with no more than 2 images per author
We are now asking everyone to send us images on the following 3 themes:
  • People
  • Landscape
  • Portraiture
We will make use of the new IPF software. This will allow you to register yourself on the system and then upload up to 4 images for each of the 3 themes.
Detailed instructions regarding software use can be found here:
Go to this webpage www.ipfhost.org and follow the instructions provided in the guide.

Each image should be sized to 3,500 pixels on the longest side and each file should be no larger than 3.6 MB. So you may need to size your JGPS to be quality 7 or 8. But please use the highest you can which allows you to be under 3.5 MB.

The final date for uploading your images is 28 March 2023

This is to allow the selectors review all the images and select the panels. We will then have to print images and post them to the organisers by 01 May 2023.

FIAP tell us that there are two steps to the judging of the entries:
  1. Each image is reviewed by the three judges and marked accordingly
  2. Each panel is then reviewed and marked for coherence
Any image which scores 8 or more marks will receive an “Acceptance” and can be used towards FIAP Distinctions.

The coherence score is the “make or break” score – so we aim to send the most coherent panels we can.

We look forward to seeing your images and to selecting great panels to represent Ireland

FIAP Liaison Officer for the IPF

Nature Group

Inter-Regional Competition 2023


On Saturday 11th Feb the National Botanic gardens was host to the 5th Annual IPF vs NIPA Wildlife competition. The competition highlighted the best work of photographers from both sides of the border, with many members of NIPA & IPF making the journey to support the event. We would like to thank both IPF President John Butler and NIPA president Anita Kirkpatrick who were in attendance on the day and for their continued support of our event. We would also like to thank our judges Gordon Rae & Rod Wheelans for giving their time and traveling over from Scotland. Both Gordon and Rod managed to speak on every single image in the competition giving invaluable critique and feedback on all members images.

Thanks also to both committees from IPF & NIPA for their continued work to provide an outlet for nature photographers to highlight their work.

Congratulations to IPF member Kieran O’Mahoney Blackwater PS for taking home the silver medal in the Wildlife Division with his image “The Hungry Fledglings” and to Malcolm Mc Camley -Bray CC for winning silver in the Macro Division with is image “Reverdins Blues Mating”. All winning images can be found on our Facebook page -IPF Nature Group. For details of membership or any other info about the nature group please email ipfnaturegroup@gmail.com

Inter-Regional 2023 Results Wildlife


  1. Graylag Goose – Brendan Hinds - CB Belfast (City of Belfast CC)
  2. Pipit Landing – Ross Mc Kelvey – Catchlight CC
  3. Red Kite Scuffle – Claire Sullivan – Dublin Camera Club
  4. Marabou Strok – Brendan Hinds – CB Belfast (City of Belfast CC)
  5. Fallow Deer – Caroline Johnson – Enniskillen Photographic Society
  6. Song Thrush – Jack Malins Wicklow Photo Club
  7. Posing Reed Bunting – Paul Madigan – Blackwater CC
  8. Goldfinch – Gerry Murtagh – Clones
  9. The Poser -Kieran O’Mahoney – Blackwater PS
  10. Twins – Kevin Day East Cork Camera Club
  11. Dominion – Fergal Quinn – Navan CC
  12. Catch of the Day – Suzanne Behan – Kilkenny Camera Club
Highly Commended

  1. Fox Kill – Kieran O’Mahoney – Blackwater CC
  2. Fox – Christine Taylor – Celbridge CC
  3. Waxwing eating rowan berry -Daniel Mc Caughan
  4. Irish Hare – Karen Green - Enniskillen
  5. Wild Fox Cubs – Ross Mc Kelvey – Catchlight CC
  6. Goldie – Fergal Quinn – Navan CC
  7. The Hunt – Mark MaGee- Ballynahinch CC
  8. Cuckoo – Mackey Ards CC
  9. Greenfinch Squabble - Ross Mc Kelvey – Catchlight CC
  10. Sparrowhawk – John Fox -Malahide
  11. Dipper on Rock – Eddie Kelly – Blarney
  12. Winter Buzzard – Paul Madigan - Blackwater
  13. White Tailed Eagles - Pamela Wilson – Catchlight CC
  14. Brown Irish Hare – Ann Francis – Cork CC
Medal Winners Wildlife

3rd Place – Bronze “Nut Crackers” – Pamela Wilson – Catchlight CC

2nd Place – Silver “The Hungry Fledglings” - Kieran O’Mahoney – Blackwater PS

1st Place – Gold “Chimpanzee watching a fly, Kibale rain forest” - Alan Hillen – Ards CC

Inter-Regional 2023 Results Macro


  1. Hoverfly – Colette Gemmell Breffini CC
  2. Greenshield Bug drinking – Ann Francis Cork CC
  3. Comma Butterflies – Edel Kellegher Dublin CC
  4. Porcelain Fungus - John O’Neill – Waterford CC
  5. Mating Grizzled Skippers – Malcolm Mc Camley - Bray CC
  6. Heath Fritillaries- Malcolm Mc Camley- Bray CC
  7. Cabbage White – Jacinta McAree Murphy Carrickmacross
  8. Amethyst Deceiver- Jim Carolan Carrickmacross
  9. Four Banded Bee Grabbers Mating – Daniel Mc Caughan Donaghadee
  10. Mating Burnet Moths – Ted Mc Kee Ards CC
Highly Commended

  1. Dinner Time – Gerard Connell – Dublin CC
  2. Large Grasshopper – Mary Kinsella Carrick CC
  3. Dagger Flies -Gerry Murtagh – Clones
  4. Twisted Deceiver – Eddie Kelly Blarney CC
  5. Time for Dinner – Mary Kinsella – Carrick CC
  6. Blue Damsel fly – Jacinta McAree Murphy – Carrickmacross
  7. Spotted Orb weaver – Leanne Simpson -Bangor & North County Down CC
  8. Brown Hawker – Alice Luby – Dublin CC
Medal Winners

3rd Place – Bronze “Cone” – Steve Haydon CPA

2nd Place – Silver “Reverdin’s Blues Mating” – Malcolm Mc Camley Bray CC

1st Place – Gold “Red Soldier Beetle” - Leanne Simpson – Bangor & North County Down CC