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November 2023

Welcome to our November Newsletter.
Congratulations to all who were successful in achieving Irish Photographic Federation Distinctions at our recent assessment in Thurles. It is a privilege to assess such wonderful images.

I want to thank the clubs that submitted panels for the National Shield Competition held in Drogheda last Saturday. A total of eighteen clubs submitted panels. The standard of the work was exceptional, and it was a joy to view the images. Congratulations to Blarney, the overall winners, to Dundalk,who came second and to Blackwater who came third. Congratulations also to the individual medal winners.
It was a great celebration of Irish photography. Thanks to Ross McKelvey for organising the event so well, to our three judges – Podge Kelly, Anita Kirkpatrick and Judith Kimber who had a difficult job separating so many excellent images. Thanks also to Tony Mulvenna for his scorekeeping and photography and to Des Clinton for scorekeeping. I also wish to thank fellow members of Drogheda Photographic Club for their help in getting the stands in place on Friday afternoon. A big thank you to all who helped dismantle them in record time on Saturday afternoon.
Thanks to Suzanne Behan for enthralling us all with the images captured by her grandfather, John Walsh, “The 50 Francis Street Photographer”. It is a fantastic social history of The Liberties and shows how important it is to record the everyday lives of ordinary people.

Now that we are having some frosty nights, don’t forget to get up early in the morning and get out with your cameras to capture some good winter images.

John Butler FIPF ARPS
President IPF

What's Inside this Edition?

  • National Shield - Results
  • Nature Group Latest News
  • Notice to Clubs - Update Contacts
  • FIAP News & Information

National Shield 2023


The IPF would like to congratulate all participants who entered the National Shield Competition held at the Barbican Center Drogheda last Saturday. Special congratulations to Blarney Photographic Club for winning the title with superb mono & colour panels.

Thank you to our Judges, Podge Kelly, Anita Kirkpatrick and Judith Kimber they had a tough job with the standard of work on display.


Individual Mono Print Gold - Caoimhe Murphy - Blarney
Individual Mono Print Silver - Stanka Valla Miladinovic - Dundalk
Individual Mono Print Bronze - Nuala O'Keefe - Blarney
Highly Commended Mono Print - Ian Vosloo - Celbridge
Highly Commended Mono Print - Darius Matulevicius - Celbridge
Individual Colour Print Gold - Gary Murphy - Dundalk
Individual Colour Print Silver - Helen Vaughan - Mallow
Individual Colour Print Bronze - Stephanie Ryan St.Brigid's
Highly Commended Colour Print - Seamus Yore - Drogheda
Highly Commended Colour Print - Terry Smith St.Brigid's

Mono Panel Placings: 1st - Blarney, 2nd - Dundalk, 3rd - Blackwater
Colour Panel Placings: 1st - Blarney, Joint 2nd - St.Brigids & Offshoot.
Overall Winner: Blarney Photographic Club

Congratulations to all participants. A selection of images from the day can be found at the link below... thanks to Tony Mulvenna for the photography:

IPF Nature Group

Latest News

Entries are now open for the 2024 Inter- Regional Nature competition between the IPF Nature Group and members of NIPA. This competition will be held on Saturday 17th February and hosted by Northern Ireland Photographic Association, venue to be confirmed.

Judges for the event are Ross Mc Kelvey MPAGB MFIAP FIPF EFIAP/p FBPE and Mark Sedgwick FIPF, EFIAP, ESFIAP. Entry is open to members of the Nature Group and anyone wishing to become a member can apply by emailing ipfnaturegroup@gmail.com.

The committee of the Nature group would like to thank outgoing Chairman Pat Kavanagh LIPF EFIAP for his time and input to the group and we also want to wish Suzanne Behan AIPF the very best as she takes on the role as Chair of the IPF Nature Group. The group is in safe hands going forward. Thank you also to our new members of the committee and to those who have remained to continue the work of promoting nature photography for our members. The group continues to grow from strength to strength and will celebrate its 10 yr anniversary next year with an exhibition of its members work.

Notice to Clubs

Update Contacts

Communication between the IPF and the correct person in each club/special interest group is very important and in order to do this effectively, the IPF must have the correct contact details on file.

Many clubs will have had a change of personnel since the club last provided the IPF with contact details as part of the affiliation process earlier in the year. So, you now may need to update the IPF with the correct details.

To do this you will need to go to appropriate line as indicated below and update the contact details.

SACC clubs should use this link to the Fees Page on SACC Website

All other clubs and Special Interest Groups should use this link http://irishphoto.ie/membership/club-affiliation-page/

Please select the option “Already affiliated for this year, just updating club contact details.

The IPF appreciates your co-operation in this matter.
If you have any queries on the above you should email: treasurer@irishphoto.ie

Kind regards

Rory O’Connor
IPF National Treasurer

FIAP News & Information


The latest edition of the FIAP News is available on the FIAP Website at this link: https://www.fiap.net/en/fiap-news

This edition includes information on the successful FIAP Distinction Holders' Exhibition recently held in the FIAP Exhibition Centre, Dublin.

It also has important information in relation to changes to Salon Requirements, which are outlined below.

FIAP Salon and Patronage Requirements

Recently FIAP signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Photographic Society of America (PSA). As a result of this the definitions of various genres have been harmonised – there will now be agreed definitions. These genres are:

  • A revised definition for Nature/Wildlife, that is still being finalised
  • A new definition for Photojournalism
  • A new genre “The World in Focus” which will replace the previous FIAP Definition of Photo Travel. This will be a genre for FIAP only. Unfortunately FIAP and PSA were not able to agree a definition of Photo Travel.
  • An author may not enter identical or similar photographs into the same salon
  • The acceptance rates have to be limited to a maximum of 30% in each section (Previously this was 25%)
  • Each salon participant cannot receive more than one award per section in the same salon
  • Awarded medals must either be engraved by the organiser or, at least, provided with a sticker that includes details such as the name of the participant and the title of the picture for which the award was given
  • In order to minimise the possibility of entrants being charged duties or taxes when receiving a parcel containing awards, salon organisers are asked to indicate on any postal and customs declaration that the contents are a “Gift of an inscribed award. No commercial value”; any place on the forms which require a value to be indicated should be marked as zero (0) commercial value or the minimum possible of a value above zero is a mandatory requirement
  • Pictures created by artificial intelligence are not allowed in any salon with FIAP Patronage. All parts of the image have to be photographed by the author
These changes will apply to salons which have a closing date after 30th April 2024.

The new FIAP Definition for “World in Focus”

Just as with travel and tourism pictures, this section encompasses the full range of photographic genres from architecture, culture, events, food, landscape, portraits, etc. A “World in Focus” image expresses the spirit of an era, the essence of a place or of a culture whether it is shown in an authentic scene or whether it is arranged.

Digital manipulation to optimise an image in terms of finetuning of levels and colours is allowed as long as the image looks natural. The same applies for the removal of dust or digital noise. Techniques that add, relocate, replace or remove any element of the original image, except by cropping, are not permitted.

Oasis Photo Contest - International Award of Wildlife Photography

The Oasis Photo Contest is based in Italy and is dedicated to wildlife and landscape photography. It is now in its 16th year. It is organised by the Oasis Magazine, the oldest and most important Italian magazine for Wildlife Photography.
Over the past number of years the Oasis Photo Contest has been established as one of the most important wildlife contests worldwide.
The 16th edition has just been launched and is now open for submissions in the following categories:
· Landscape
· People
· Vegetable World
· Underwater
· Mammals
· Birds and Bats
· Other Animals
· Storyboard
· Naturalistic Journalism
· Diversity World Food

The closing date for entries is 15th January 2024
Full details are available on the website https://www.oasisphotocontest.com/
And you can enter your images via this website.

This is a contest which is organised with FIAP Auspices and is well worth supporting.
Please circulate this information to anyone you know who is interested in Wildlife Photography. It would be great to see an entry from the man Irish Photographers who are great Wildlife and Nature enthusiasts.

FIAP Distinctions 2024

The closing date for applications for FIAP distinctions in 2024 will be 28th February 2024.

The applications window is now open. Anyone who is interested in applying for a FIAP distinction should contact the FIAP Liaison Officer, Paul Stanley, at stanleyp38@gmail.com who can advise on how to proceed.
It is important to note that every Salon organiser has to return a file to FIAP listing all acceptances and awards. FIAP then check all acceptances and awards which you list on your application form for any FIAP distinction against this list. Some organiser are slow in making these returns. So there is a good possibility that any acceptance or award gained from January 2024 onwards may not be known to FIAP by the time the application is received.

You might want to ensure that you meet the requirements by the end of December 2023.

And for AFIAP and EFIAP applications please read the following notice in relation to Print Acceptances.

FIAP Print Requirements for 2024 onwards

During the Covid Pandemic and associated lockdown situations worldwide, FIAP temporarily removed the requirement for Print Acceptances in AFIAP and EFIAP Distinction Applications.

FIAP have confirmed that this temporary removal of the requirement will not apply for distinction applications in 2024.

This means that anyone in Ireland who wishes to apply for the AFIAP or EFIAP Distinction in 2024 will have to meet the Print Requirements.

These are:
· For AFIAP you must have at least 4 acceptances with 4 different images in print sections of Salons
· For EFIAP you must have at least 12 acceptances with 12 different images in print sections of Salons. These can include the 4 used for your AFIAP distinction
In all cases you can also have Digital Image acceptances for the same images.

The requirement for prints never applied for the other FIAP Distinctions - only for AFIAP and EFIAP. So those applying for any of the other FIAP distinctions do not need to have print acceptances - though it must be said that supporting Print Salons is important so that we can maintain the wonderful tradition of the printed image.

FIAP Liaison Officer for the IPF