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IPF Newsletter - March - 2019

A cháirde
Welcome to our latest newsletter, the second this year, all of which we hope have helped to keep you updated on our latest news and provide you with all the information on what’s coming up over the weeks ahead.
One of the nice things about being President of the Federation is being involved in the many events that we hold throughout the year, and better still is the number of people who participate and come along to these events every year who stop and chat and discuss life in general and most of all this one thing that continues to bring us all together – Photography. However, as soon as we have just completed one event were planning the next one. Outlined later in this newsletter you will be notified of all the upcoming events that we will be held in the next few months, the Distinctions in March in Portlaoise and again in May and June both in Mullingar. The National Club Championships and the AGM of the Irish Photographic Federation. It is probably one of the busiest periods in the IPF calendar but none the less another couple of events to look forward too.

In recognition of what we have just finished in February, and what must be considered as another enormous successful weekend of great photography, I just want to record my thanks to Coordinators Julie Corcoran & Deirdre Watson for the tremendous job they both did over the weekend of February 16th & 17th in Carlow. The amount of work that was involved in getting things to this stage was exceptional and that was topped off by these ladies workmanship, attitude, and sheer determination to make this all work. Assisted in no small way by Liam Beattie and the members of Carlow Photographic Society who not for the first time pulled out all the stops to ensure everything went well.

Two very long days, but successful ones and this was clearly evident in the room and the atmosphere was very good amongst everyone. The judges on both days commented on the standard of photography, the attention to detail from the organisers and the generous hospitality shown to them over the course of their visit and participation in this event. I would like to thank our Judges Committee for selecting the team of judges over the two days and my extended thanks also must be recorded to our Treasurer Brian Deering who was on hand looking after all the bills and financial matters involved in this event.

Yes, there will be some small adjustments that will be introduced next year, but that’s what its all about learning to do things better, for the photographers we represent across the country. The good news is we will be back next year in Carlow with this great team, bigger, brighter and better,

My congratulations to Hugh Wilkinson who won the Nature Photographer of the Year and to Graham Kelly who won the Photographer of the Year. Terrific images from two great Irish Photographers.

Once again my sincere thanks to all involved in the software that was developed over the last six months that was tried and tested and worked a treat and those who worked tirelessly behind getting it this far, Frank Condra, Liam Beattie, Julie Corcoran and Deidre Watson.

Hold your heads up you did the Federation and the photographers we represent proud.

We're not perfect but were not all that bad either.

Thanks Again,

Until next time,
Kind Regards,
Dominic Reddin FIPF
President Irish Photographic Federation

What's Inside this Month?

  • IPF Distinctions Service Update.
  • Getting Help with your Distinction Panel.
  • Upcoming Distinction Dates.
  • Distinction Advisory Workshop.
  • National Club Championships 2019.
  • IPF POTY & NPOTY 2019 Reports & Results.
  • Spotlight on Hugh Wilkinson.
  • Focus on Naas Photography Group.
  • IPF Nature Group - Workshop.
  • Photoshop & Printing Workshop by Ross Mc Kelvey.
  • IPF Audio Visual Group News.

IPF Distinction Service Update

For more information go to:
Distinctions on the IPF website.


Distinction Assessment is not a contest. That is why the assessors are not described as judges. Their task is to determine whether a set of prints put before them shows that the photographer’s work is at a certain level, e.g. the Licentiate.

Far from being a contest, the Distinctions system is there to help photographers advance their standards. Successfully reaching each Distinction level does this by setting a target that must be achieved and objectively assessing whether it has been achieved. Distinctions are there to help photographers measure themselves against a standard. As anyone who has attended an assessment session will know, if a panel does not succeed, the assessors will give constructive advice on how to get there. Written assessor comments are enclosed with each unsuccessful panel.
Putting together a distinction panel entails a considerable investment in time, effort and expense. The IPF is very conscious of this and encourages applicants to get advice from at least one person who is familiar with what is required for their distinction. Ask a recently successful candidate or a fellow club member who already has a distinction for help. Perhaps best of all will be the assistance of a current distinctions assessor, who has insight into what the assessors will look for in your panel. At the same time, be aware that this advisor is then precluded from assessing your panel later. It will be a trade-off between valuable guidance and the loss of an assessor who would be in your favour!

Also remember, any advisor’s opinion is just one among at least seven opinions at the assessment session. No matter how good the advice is that you get, the decision to present the final panel is yours alone. You carry the can, nobody else.

Where the panel is on a particular subject it is likely that the photographer will have a deeper knowledge of the subject than some of the assessors. What must be remembered is that what will be assessed is the photographic treatment of the subject.

A person’s depth of knowledge of the subject will have an important bearing on the content of his/her panel but the crucial issue will be the standard of photography. This means that objective advice on the photographic quality of the panel from someone else can make the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful panel.

All Associate and Fellowship panels are accompanied by a Statement of Intent, in which the photographer sets out what he/she wants to panel to demonstrate. This is where the photographer must clearly indicate what he/she wants the assessors to note in the panel’s treatment of the subject. This is also where the photographer must get across to the assessors any specialist knowledge that has a bearing on the panel. This is the photographer’s responsibility.

Not everyone has ready access to experienced advisors. For this reason, the IPF encourages advice sessions that can give applicants the opportunity to meet assessors. These may be organised by a Region, a club, or the IPF itself. If the IPF is satisfied that the advice offered will be given by persons who have the necessary expertise it may endorse that advice session.

It is a condition of IPF approval of such a session that steps be taken to ensure that the applicant panels at the session will not later be assessed by the persons advising at that session. The session organisers must supply the Distinctions Secretary with lists of both the authors and the advisors at the session. Steps will then be taken to ensure that advisors will later know not to assess the panels they have advised on.

Anyone with knowledge of the Distinctions system will be aware that it is organised so that the assessors do not know the identities of the photographers whose panels are put up before them. It is also fair to say that the assessors do not want to know those identities anyway.

This is not easy to maintain in what is a quite small photographic community but a system is in place to achieve it. Anyone who wishes to do so may look up the Distinctions Protocol on the IPF website to see what happens. It has been there for many years.

In brief, when you apply for assessment you do so through the IPF website and your identity becomes known only to the Distinctions Secretary and to the IPF Treasurer, neither of whom will assess your panel.

Sometime before the assessment date, the Distinctions Secretary will notify the Chair and Deputy Chair of Distinctions as to how many panels are due for assessment and at which levels. They are not given the identities of the applicants but they do receive a list of the subjects that are to be assessed – in all Associate and Fellowship panels and in those Licentiate panels which are not “General”.

The Chair and Deputy Chair confer to make up a list of seven or more assessors. A major part of their deliberation concerns ensuring that the assessors include expertise in what is usually a diverse list of subjects. This is to ensure that every panel of images will receive a fair, and thorough, appraisal. They then pass this list back to the Distinctions Secretary who invites the assessors to take part.

Almost inevitably, at least one assessor will know the author of a panel, perhaps a fellow club member. However, that assessor will not vote on the panel. The connection is discretely indicated to the assessor by the Distinctions Secretary or may be advised by the assessor where there is no obvious connection. The assessor will look at the panel as is usual so as not to let the other assessors know of a connection.

IPF Distinctions will always be an on-going work in progress, especially at the higher levels. Thankfully, photography shows no sign of reaching the point at which it has all been done! As photography evolves, so will Distinctions.

We welcome people’s suggestions and advice and readily adapt to the system where this is practical and will enhance the system. Where it cannot be acted on we will give the reason why not.

We respectfully suggest that the constructive way for people to have their ideas and suggestions incorporated in the Distinctions system is to use the route already in place. Write to or email the Distinctions Secretary. This will be considered by the Distinctions Committee or, if appropriate, the IPF National Council, and will be replied to.

Events Calendar Update

The events calendar on the IPF website has been updated to show the next 3 sittings of the distinctions assessment service with the first one kicking off on March 9th 2019. These three sittings are full and we would like to wish all the applicants the very best in the process.
It is intended to open the September sitting for applications Monday 25th March 2019 at 12:00 noon – keep an eye on the website for updates.
Lastly, we have added a set of guidelines for those considering applying for a distinction. Please see this page on the site https://irishphoto.ie/distinctions/guidelines-and-advice/

Upcoming Distinction Dates

March Distinctions 2019
Saturday, March 9th, 2019 - Portlaoise Dunamaise Arts Centre

May Distinctions 2019
Saturday, May 11th, 2019 - Mullingar Arts Centre

June Distinctions 2019
Saturday, June 22nd, 2019 - Mullingar Arts Centre

IPF Approved Distinctions Advisory Workshop 2019

Drogheda Photographic Club will be running a Distinctions Workshop in Millmount
Cultural Quarter, Drogheda on Saturday 13th April 2019. The workshop starts at
10am and finishes at 5pm with a lunch break from 1pm to 2pm. Three members of
the IPF distinctions assessing panel will be present to give advice on panels at all
levels - Licentiate, Associate and Fellowship.

Photographers attending for advice should bring along their proposed selected
prints - 10 for LIPF, 15 for AIPF and 20 for FIPF. Participants should also bring along
a selection of spare prints to be used if required.

Digital images will not be looked at.

Cost for participants with a panel is €40, observers without a panel €20.

10am : Tea / coffee
10.15am: Introduction and guidelines.
10.45am: Licentiate panels advising
1pm-2pm: Lunch.
2pm-5pm: Associate and Fellowship panels advising.

Venue : Drogheda Photographic Club, 8 Millmount Cultural Quarter, Drogheda.
Eircode: A92 Y893

Date: Saturday 13th April 2019

Time : 10am ---5 pm Lunch : 1pm—2pm

Cost: With panel €40. Without panel observer €20.

Booking contact
Chris Costello : costelloce@gmail.com
Phone : 086-3812460

National Club Championships.

The National Club Championships will take place this year on May 11th and 12th in the County Buildings, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath.
As usual, the monochrome prints will be judged on Saturday 11th and the Colour Prints on Sunday 12th.
A Distinctions assessment at all levels will be held in conjunction with this event on Saturday 11th in the Arts Centre and the IPF AGM will be held on Sunday 12th.
Full details will be published on the Federation website in the near future.
We look forward to seeing entries from clubs right across the country for this the most important Club competition of the year. We all like to be winners but participation in this festival of photography, showcasing your club's work is just as important. Come along enjoy the competition, the amazing photography on show and the camaraderie.
The coordinator is Sheamus O'Donoghue who can be contacted at 087 2579947 or at manorphoto@eircom.net

POTY & NPOTY 2019 Report & Results

POTY & NPOTY 2019 Copy 3 (1)

Irish Photographic Federation’s Photographer of the Year 2019 Results.

Irish Photographic Federation’s Photographer of the Year 2019 Results sponsored by Frametastic, nicelight, One Photographic and Image Creation Supplies.
Judges on the day Podge Kelly FIPF, EFIAP, AMIPP, ASITTP, LSWPP, Paul Keene FRPS, MPAGB, MFIAP, EFIAP/d3, Claudio Calosi EFIAP/s, GPU CR5, GPU VIP4, HON.FCIS.

Colour Print Open Advanced Category.
1st Graham Kelly Wave Watcher, 2nd Jeanie Johnson Half Dead, 3rd Emmanuelle Galisson Among The Flowers. Honourable Mentions; Julia Trzesicka Like Two Drops, Keith Elgin Viper Strike, Charlie O’Donovan High Tide, Declan The Hunt Passing Through, Paul Reidy Under The Silvery Moon.

Colour Print Open Non-Advanced Category.
1st Jacinta McAree Murphy, 2nd Maria Lujza Polonkai Olivia. Honourary Mentions; Barry Kieran Ravensdale Snow, Aoife Tierney Follow Me, Adrian Masterson Eyes of Youth, Gerard Mulhall Doolough.

Monochrome Print Open Advanced Category.
1st Ross McKelvey Mischkah, 2nd Graham Kelly Ghosts of the Asylum, 3rd Graham Kelly Broken Down. Honourary Mentions; Tony Murray Girl On Piano, Keith Elgin Colder Than Expected, Keith Elgin With Gritted Teeth, Keith Elgin Crash and Splash, Lorraine Morris Locked Out.

Monochrome Print Open Non-Advanced Category.
1st Daryl Thompson Marriage of the Dead, 2nd Maria Lujza Polonkai A Piece of the Summer. Honourary Mentions; Adrian Masterson Lunch Time, Barry Kieran Celtic Warrior, Imelda Grogan Hands Up, Gerard Mulhall Titanic.

Projected Digital Image Open Advanced Category.
1st Graham Kelly Smokey, 2nd Michael Strapec See You in Heaven, 3rd Laurie Campbell Looking Beyond. Honourable Mentions; Michael Strapec Never Lose The Hope, Vytenis Malisavskas Tic Toc, Laurie Campbell Family Group, Jeanie Johnson What Lies Beneath, Emmanuelle Galisson Work House.

Projected Digital Image Open Non-Advanced Category.
1st Sharon Gilroy Peekaboo, 2nd Sabrina Dunny Enchantress, 3rd Barry Kieran Kilfarrasy. Honourable Mentions; Ruth Kelly Endurance, Ruth Kelly Forgotten.

Colour Print Theme Creative Advanced Category.
1st Ross McKelvey Post Brexit. Honourary Mentions; Dalia Guzauskaite Fading, Jeanie Johnson Chain Angel, Dalia Guzauskaite Leave Me Alone, Michael Strapec Follow Your Leader, Michelle La Grue Lulu’s Sorrow.

Colour Print Theme Creative Non-Advanced Category.
1st Gerard Mulhall Ro. Honourary Mentions; Daryl Thompson Fantasy Land, Barry Kieran Townley Owl, Gerard Mulhall Time.

Monochrome Print Theme Environmental Portraiture Advanced Category.
1st Judy Boyle At The Wake. Honourary Mentions; Archie Carron Slum Baby, Paul Grogan Michael, Terry Conroy Bath Time, Brendan Tumilty Shearing.

Monochrome Print Theme Environmental Portraiture Non-Advanced Category.
1st Dermott Russell Smithy. Honourary Mentions; Andrew Egan Hello My Friend, Andrew Egan Want A Fish Sir, Lorraine Kelly Someone Shy.

Projected Digital Image Theme Human Face and/or Body Advanced Category.
1st Ross McKelvey Sara in Blue. Honourary Mentions; Ita Martin By the Window, Paul Reidy Garden Nymph, Keith Elgin The Hawk and the Dove, Paul Grogan Moody Anna, Gary Loughran James in Snow.

Projected Digital Image Theme Human Face and/or Body Non-Advanced Category.
1st Sabrina Dunny Blue Lips. Honourary Mentions; Gerard Mulhall Ruby, Moira Fulton Reflection.

Judge’s Choice Awards.
Podge Kellys’ choice Daryl Thompson Fantasy Land.
Claudio Calosi’s choice Tony Murray Girl on Piano.
Paul Keene’s choice Paul Reidy Under the Silvery Moon.

IPF Photographer of the Year 2019 sponsored by Frametastic; Graham Kelly with Wave Watcher.

Irish Photographic Federation Nature Photographer of the Year 2019 Results.

Irish Photographic Federation Nature Photographer of the Year 2019 Results sponsored by One Photographic, Framestastic, Image Creation supplies and Camera Filters Ireland.
Judges on the day Ian Whiston DPAGB, EFIAP, BPES, Paul Keene FRPS, MPAGB, MFIAP, EFIAP/d3, Claudio Calosi EFIAP/s, GPU CR5, GPU VIP4, HON.FCIS.

Colour Print Open Advanced Category
1st Hugh Wilkinson Redpolls Squabble. 2nd Tom Ormond Kingfisher Feeding Young. 3rd Michael Linehan Heron with Fish. Honourable Mentions; Tadhg Hurley Water Rut, Seamus Mulcahy On The Move, Andrew Yeates Puffin, Sean O’Connor Snipe.
Colour Print Open Non-Advanced Category
1st Paul Madigan Panning Kingfisher, 2nd Vincent Higgins Tasty Rabbit, 3rd Donagh Cronin Blue Dragonfly. Honourable Mentions; Gerard Mulhall Incoming, Vincent Higgins Hungry Sparrowhawk, Miriam Power Robin.

Projected Digital Image Open Advanced Category.
1st Michael Linehan One That Got Away, 2nd Mary Twomey Fallen Prey, 3rd Hugh Wilkinson Chaffinch versus Redpoll. Honourable Mentions; John O’Neill Robin, Kevin Day Keeping Watch, Michael Linehan Squeezed Middle, Pakie O’Donoghue This is My Best.
Projected Digital Image Open Non-Advanced Category.
1st Vincent Higgins Just Captured, 2nd Moira Fulton Got It, 3rd Vincent Higgins Resting On My Perch. Honourable Mentions; Paul Madigan A Mouthful, Andrea Etter On The Lookout.

Projected Digital Image The Natural World Open Advanced Category.
1st Hugh Wilkinson Bullfinch Attack, 2nd Kevin Day High Jump, 3rd Patrick Kavanagh Common Dolphin. Honourable Mentions; Desmond Connors Defeat, John Fox Two Sanderling, Mary Twomey Common Terns, Teresa O’Dwyer Lion versus Giraffe Masai Mara.

Projected Digital Image The Natural World Open Non-Advanced Category.
1st Justyna Tresicka Catch Me, 2nd Joseph Wheatley Black-browed Albatross and Rockhopper Penguins Falklands Archipelago, 3rd Moira Fulton Autumn Woodland. Honourable Mentions; Joseph Wheatley Cape Petrels Near The Antarctic Circle.

Colour Print Theme Flora and Fungi Advanced Category.
1st David Triglia The Unknown Three. Honourable mentions; Patrick Kavanagh Tree Fungi, John O’ Neill In The Deep Dark Wood, Andrew Yeates Crepidotus Fungi.

Colour Print Theme Flora and Fungi Non-Advanced Category.
1st Barry Kiernan Young and Old. Honourable Mention James Carolan Waxcap.

Projected Digital Image Theme Irish Wild Birds and Wildlife Advanced Category.
1st Eileen Upton Blasket Seals. Honourable Mentions; Michael Linehan Dipper, Desmond Connors Love Puffins, John Fox Male Bearded Reedling, Ita Martin Greenshank in Flight, Desmond Connors Nest Building.

Projected Digital Image Theme Irish Wild Birds and Wildlife Non-Advanced Category.
1st Stephen Walsh 2 Heads Are Better Than 1. Honourable Mentions; James Carolan Starling, Liam Good Red Deer Roar, Donagh Cronin Creeping Tree Creeper.

Judge’s Choice Awards.
Ian Whiston’s choice Seamus Muchay On The Move.
Paul Keene’s choice Sean O’Connor Snipe.
Claudio Calsoi Andrew Yeates Puffin.

Irish Photographic Federation’s Nature Photographer of the Year 2019 sponsored by One Photographic; Hugh Wilkinson with Bullfinch Attack.
NPOTY Winner Hugh-Wilkinson_BullfinchattackonChaffinch_North-East-(NE)_Advanced
Irish Photographic Federation’s Nature Photographer of the Year 2019 sponsored by One Photographic; Hugh Wilkinson with Bullfinch Attack.
POTY Winner Graham-Kelly_WaveWatcher_North-East-(NE)_Advanced
IPF Photographer of the Year 2019 sponsored by Frametastic; Graham Kelly with Wave Watcher.

Spotlight on IPF Nature Photographer of the Year 2019, Hugh Wilkinson, Catchlight Camera Club

Q: When did you take up photography?
A: I have had a long on/off affair with photography but really
started to refine the art of photography about 6 years ago. Since my
retirement, I started to put in the extra effort into my photography
and with the effort, the rewards will come!

Q: Which club are you a member of?
A: Catchlight Camera Club, Belfast.

Q: Do you have any IPF/FIAP/RPS distinctions?
A: I am a very proud holder of AIPF AFIAP ARPS MPAGB

Q: First camera/first DSLR?
A: I am a child of the digital age and to the best of my recollection
it was a Canon D30.

Q: What was the background to your most successful image?
A: Not wanting to sound conceited I have had quite a few very
successful images at several competitions. The image I won the best
overall image within the IPF Print & Projected Competition back in
2015 is called “Hard Times”, the old lady. I met her on a weekend
break to Krakow and after a short yarn, she agreed to have her picture
taken. The rest is history.

Q: Your own favourite image?
A: A fairly recent image I took in Dublin Zoo of Orangutan with
Butterfly. This image has had lots of awards. It even had its own
personal award in the panel in which Catchlight Camera Club was
awarded winners of the 12th FIAP World Cup 2017.

Q: What genre of photography best describes your photography or are
you a general interest photographer?
A: I don’t follow any particular genre. I do studio, rugby, wildlife,
and will have a go at most subjects, some more successful than others.

Q: Canon or Nikon or Fuji or Sony?
A: Canon

Q: Would you recommend joining a camera club? Why? What have you got
out of it?
A: Personally, I have gained a lot of knowledge from members of my
camera club. My motto is watch, listen and learn, from the right
people of course, but you must be prepared for the disappointments,
it’s not all success.

Q: What does photography mean to you?
A: It’s great for getting you out and about, meeting new friends. I
like to use my photography to make friends, not enemies!

Q: What is your photographic dream?
A: To keep enjoying it, with some moderate success!

Q: Do you have a website/Flickr account/Facebook page?
A: Unfortunately, IT isn’t a strong point of mine, so I just tend to
put a few images up on Facebook. I have even managed a few Facebook
bans, however, onwards and upwards!

Focus on Naas Photography Group

NPG_Group 560
Q: When was Naas Photography Group founded?
A: 2012

Q: How many members do you have?
A: Approximately 49 members.

Q: When and where do you meet?
A: The Townhouse Hotel, Naas, every second Tuesday – dates are available on our

Q: Any notable events? (exhibitions/workshops etc.)
A: We hold regular workshops and have guest speakers, all of which are available
our website www.naasphotogroup.ie We also hold an annual exhibition, the last
one being held in the Civic Offices in Naas and was a great success. We are in the
process of planning our next exhibition for June 2019, which will also be the
awards night for our first Internal League competition.

Q: When was the club started and by whom?
A: The Club was started by John Rapple and Ben Kelly back in early 2012 with
approximately 8 members. We then joined the IPF and formed a committee in 2013
making it official!

Q: Any member have any significant achievements or milestones recently?
A: We are delighted to advise that Gerry Walsh has recently achieved his Licentiateship
with the IPF, the first of our members to apply for this through the Group.

Q: To what do you attribute your success?
A: Our emphasis is on the social aspect of photography, the fun element and the
things that we learn along the way are an added bonus. Whichever category, we
continue to learn more about photography through sharing our knowledge and
experience with our fellow members and through the activities in which we

Q: What was the best outing/talk/club night in the last 12 months?
A: We have had several highlights since our return after the summer break (many
thanks to our Committee for all the hard work in securing great guest speakers and
judges!). We had our annual weekend away in October, staying in the stunning
location of Leenane, Galway – Ireland’s only fjord and taking in the beautiful
surroundings that Galway had to offer.

Q: If another camera club came to your town where are the best-kept secrets that
they should photograph?
A: Naas and its surrounding locality has plenty to offer with plenty of opportunities
for landscape and wildlife photography. Top locations in Naas would be the
Grand Canal, the Harbour, the Lakes. Outside Naas, Ballinafagh church and lake,
Donadea Forrest, and the Curragh to mention but a few.

Q: What is the aspect of your group that makes it so special?
A: Like any other club, it’s the people who make it special. Without them, there
would be no club. Because we focus on the fun and social element, we believe that
this attracts people who may have otherwise felt a bit intimidated joining a club.

Q: If you could ask the IPF to improve on one thing, what would that be?
A: It would be good to have some way to have clubs collaborate on things so we
can spread our knowledge, and have an IPF committee member to attend a club committee meeting at least once and share their knowledge to help the club improve, and a session from committee members.

IPF Nature Group

In November last we hosted a highly successful and very well attended wildlife projected image competition against the Nature Group of the Northern Ireland Photographic Association. There were almost four hundred entries, capably judged by Mark Sedgwick, FIPF, EFIAP, ESFIAP and Margaret Welby, a professional wildlife photographer from the UK. Our group emerged as overall winners, with individual medals, kindly presented by the IPF President, Dominick Reddin, FIPF, going to Kieran O’Mahony (Blackwater) 1st, Alan Cranston (Carrickfergus) 2nd and Patrick Kavanagh (Palmerstown) 3rd.

In previous years the group has organised weekend visits to a number of nature reserves in the Dumfries and Galloway area of southwestern Scotland, but this year fourteen of our members will spend a week in the La Brenne area of France. The region has over 2,000 lakes and its rich wildlife is of international importance, so we’re looking forward to capturing a wide variety of images.
We are also delighted to announce that our latest nature photography workshop is scheduled for Sunday 7th April 2018 in the Cavan Crystal Hotel, Dublin Road, Cavan, from 10.00 until 16.00. There will be four experienced presenters, Jack Malins ARPS, John Fox, Ita Martin LIPF, AFIAP, and Malcolm McCamley FIPF, ARPS. The topics covered will include Fieldcraft as well all other aspects of Bird, Flora, Insect and Mammal photography. The workshop will be suitable for all levels of experience and will include an explanation of the FIAP Rules for Nature Photography as they now stand.

The cost of the workshop is €25 for Nature Group members and €40 for non-members. The latter will automatically become members of the Nature Group without charge until 31st Dec. 2019.

Morning refreshments are included in the price and free car parking is available at the hotel. Lunch will be at attendees' own expense.

Capacity is limited and will be on a first come basis. Out recent similar workshops in Athlone, Enniscorthy and Thurles were heavily subscribed, so early booking is advised (go to https://irishphoto.ie/ipf-nature-group-workshop/ ).

Photoshop and Printing Workshop

By Ross Mc Kelvey FIPF, MPAGB, EFIAP/P
A photoshop and digital printing workshop will be held in Drogheda Photographic Club on March 30th 2019 with Ross Mc Kelvey as tutor and facilitator. Ross is recognised as one of the best photoshop exponents and tutors. His capture and printing expertise is second to none. All you need to know in image processing and printing in one workshop. The workshop is open to all but spaces are strictly limited on a first come basis.

9.45 am : Tea / coffee
10am – 1pm: Photoshop Workshop.
1pm – 2pm: Lunch.
2pm -4pm: Image Processing / Colour Printing/ Mono Printing

Venue : Drogheda Photographic Club, 8 Millmount Square, Drogheda.
Postcode A92 Y893
Date: Saturday, March 30th 2019
Booking contact
Chris Costello : costelloce@gmail.com
Phone: 086 3812460 ( from 19th March)
Or Des Clinton 0866009976

Cost : €50

Audio Visual Group News

Shannon Camera Club hosted an Audio Visual Exchange on Saturday, 8th December 2018 following an IPF AV Group committee meeting in the morning. This involved exchanges of 7 sequences from East Midlands Audio Visual Group, Wilmslow Guild Audio Visual Group and The Irish Photographic Federation. East Midlands viewed the sequences of Wilmslow & the IPF on 13th November, Wilmslow showed the sequences of East Midlands & the IPF on 26th October and we viewed the sequences of Wilmslow & East Midlands. Comments from the audiences on each of the sequences were invited and collated - in our case - thanks to Maria O’Brien - and sent to the other groups. This was a great experience for those who would not normally see sequences from other groups and be able to critique. 21 attended the event from Mallow, Dublin, Kildare, Clare & Limerick. The IPF were represented with:-
Night Soil or Mind Your Language Alan Lyons. Sea of Memories Brendan O'Sullivan One and Only Edwin BaileyRebel Countess Margaret FinlayTrees - A Gift from God Maria O’Brien A Canvas of Blue Yvonne Acheson Nature’s Tapestry Helen McQuillan
There is an All Ireland section in the NIPA AV Championships which was held on 22nd & 23rd February. Several from the IPF AV Group supported the event with some taking part - and awards went to Liam Haines, Yvonne Acheson &Celbridge Camera Club entries. It was good to catch up with Ian Bateman, who judged and judged the IPF AV National Championships 10 years ago. The IPF presented the medal for the audience vote to Judith Kimber for her sequence "Safe", which also won the overall award.
Later in the year, we have been asked to exchange audio visual sequences with the Essex Audio Visual Group and we will have more details closer to the event.
Lilian Webb, AIPF, ARPS.IPF AV Co-Ordinator.

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