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IPF Newsletter - February 2020

Welcome to the February 2020 Irish Photographic Federation Newsletter.
It's remarkable how the weeks are passing by so quickly but already we can at least see a good stretch in the evenings, as the days get a little longer.
We have been busy throughout January with the Regional Rounds of the Photographer of the Year & Nature Photographer of the year Competitions taking place in the four regions across the Country. I had the great pleasure of judging at in the SACC region with fellow judges Michelle le Grue & Des Clinton. Once again the standard of photography was very good and we had great hospitality and support from the committee in the region. Speaking with the other judges who were judging in the other regions they acknowledged the terrific support also in the competitions held and the judges were all very impressed with the standard of photography right across all the genres.

We now have the National Finals of both these competitions to look forward too in Carlow on Saturday, Feb 22nd & Sunday 23rd. I am looking forward to meeting up with collages and friends at the two-day event and welcoming our judges for the two days Jenny Hibbert MPAGB, Riccardo Busi MFIAP, EPIAP/p Hon. MWPG, and Jacky Panhuyzen EFIAP/b, MPSA . The IPF judges committee have selected three very good judges with the assistance of Julie Corcoran & Brian Deering and Rory O’ Connor who has been working tirelessly to secure them for the finals in Carlow. A special word of thanks must also be sent out to the Carlow Photographic Society who have been working tirelessly behind the scenes getting ready for the event, which is all being overseen by the event coordinator Julie Corcoran.

I would just like to record my thanks and acknowledge the serious amount of work that has been undertaking by all those clubs and assistants involved in the hosting of the four Regional Rounds of the NOPY & NPOTY throughout January. I would also especially like to thank our Coordinator Julie Corcoran, for the amount of work she has carried out getting things this far and assisted by Liam Beattie, for their involvement in getting the new software sorted for the event which has seen a very big increase in the no’s of entries that came through.

A special word of thanks also to the Sponsors of the event all listed over on the IPF Website who will be exhibiting their products and giving advice over the two days in Carlow. Please support them in whatever you can.

I wish you all the very best of luck in the forthcoming competitions,
Until next time,
Kind Regards,
Dominic Reddin FIPF
President Irish Photographic Federation

What's Inside this Month?

  • POTY & NPOTY 2020
  • Club Fees
  • Distinction Update
  • Exhibition - Dublin Camera Club
  • Exhibition - Tallaght Photographic Society
  • IPF Nature Group - News
  • FIAP - Distinctions
  • IPF Club Championships 2020
  • IPF Lecture / Judging Expenses Guidelines
  • IPF Awards - Important Update.

Photographer & Nature Photographer of the Year 2020

Talbot Hotel, Carlow.

Saturday, 22nd February Nature Photographer of the Year 2020 Finals Sunday, 23rd February Photographer of the Year 2020 Finals and winner of Canon Draw announced.

09:45 Welcome Address
10:00 Judging begins with breaks and lunch during the day.
15:30 Awards Ceremony
Following awards ceremony regions must organise to collect prints.
The month of January saw the qualifying rounds of the IPF POTY and NPOTY competitions. Report cards will be emailed this week, please check your spam/junk folder if you do not see your report card in your inbox by the end of the week. All enquires can be emailed to admin@ipfcompetition.com.

Now the focus is on the finals, which will be hosted by members of Carlow Photographic Society. We are indebted to all the hard work of the volunteers over the weekend and would encourage attendees to support the host club's raffle. The Irish Photographic Federation would like to thank all our sponsors for the finals; ExploreLight Workshops, One Photographic, Camera Filters Ireland, Canon Ireland in conjunction with Mahers Drogheda and Barker Photographic in conjunction with Permajet. Our sponsors have very kindly supplied vouchers for the finals with Canon Ireland, Camera Filters Ireland and Barker Photographic setting up stands at the finals which will be filled with an array of products and special offers for attendees.
Permajet Ambassador, Michael O'Sullivan FIPF, FRPS in conjunction with Barker Photographic will be talking about all things printing and answering all your questions at the POTY finals on the Sunday after lunch.

We're also looking forward to welcoming Diarmuid and Darren from the Irish Photography Podcast back again this year. The lads will be making a show over the weekend which promises to be a cracker if last year's podcast is anything to go by.
Best of luck to all the entrants, a full list of winners from the regional rounds will be going up on the IPF website, www.irishphoto.ie

Many thanks
Julie Corcoran

Finals will take place in Co Carlow in the Talbot Hotel on February 22nd and 23rd 2020.

Club Fees

To All Clubs:

Club Affiliations for 2020 are now overdue

This is a reminder to clubs that our membership year commenced on 1st January 2020 and all Clubs who wish to be affiliated to the IPF for 2020 should have paid their fees before 31st January 2020.
Thank you to those Clubs who have already paid and I would be much obliged if those clubs who haven’t yet paid could do so as soon as possible, in order to allow both the club and its members take part in IPF activities for 2020.

The IPF Affiliation fee is unchanged from last year and is based on the number of members in each club, as follows:
  • Less than 30 members: €75
  • 30 to 50 members: €100
  • 51 to 80 members: €125
  • More than 80 members: €150
SACC clubs should refer to the Fees Page on SACC Website for joint collection of SACC & IPF fees.

For all other regions please go to the Club Affiliation Page under the Membership tab on the IPF website: http://irishphoto.ie/membership/club-affiliation-page/

Please have a digital copy of your Club’s Public Liability Insurance to upload as part of filling in the online form. Alternatively, you may post a copy IPF Treasurer
Rory O’Connor
5 St. Christopher’s Drive

If you have any queries you can email me at roryandmary@gmail.com

Rory O’Connor
IPF Treasurer

Distinction Updates

Assessment on May 16th: Applications as from 12 noon on Monday 9th March

Assessment on September 12th: Applications as from 12 noon on Monday 8th June

Assessment on November 28th: Applications as from 12 noon on Monday 21st September

Exhibition - Dublin Camera Club

A3 Exhibition Poster RS
Timon – Time – Again
An exhibition of photographs by Paul Timon

Paul took his first photograph at the age of about 7 using his father’s box brownie camera. It was a relatively short-lived experience when his father found out how quickly he exposed a roll of film and how much it cost to develop what he had taken. But the obsession was born.

He is a retired engineer. Photography played a part in his workplace when he took photographs for technical manuals and he was in fairly constant demand to photograph groups attending workshops and visiting dignitaries. But these didn’t satisfy his need to create something special and it was in 1975 that he joined the ESB Photographic Society and developed more skills. In 1976 he became involved in amateur stage productions mostly of musicals and began taking performance photographs and headshots of the cast members for newspaper publicity.

From there it progressed rapidly. Updating his skills and camera gear, he branched into more diverse forms of photography and for a time considered taking it up professionally. His activity over the years has involved landscapes, portraiture, still life, art nude, weddings, macro, alternative, stage, dance, street photography and much more. Basically, anything that grabs his attention.

Having started in analogue (film) where most work was printed, it is a little sad that now it is more commonplace to display one’s work on digital platforms such as tablets and smartphones. With this in mind, he decided to return to the past and exhibit some of his work in print form. It is partly commercial but more a walk of nostalgia. He has deviated from the ‘norm’ of A3 prints on 20” x 16” mounts and decided to “go large”; well, at least a little.

For the curious... His main camera (at the moment) is a Nikon D750 with 3 lenses 14-24mm f2.8, 24-70mm f2.8 and a Sigma 150-600mm f5-6.3. He also uses a Canon 5D MkII and a 6D with a variety of lenses. For street photography and ‘fun stuff’ he uses a Fuji X100T.
This year he’s going to Glastonbury (not the festival), Poland, Iceland (again) and Tuscany, not to mention a few places on the west coast of Ireland.

He’s also considering projects that convey a message or an emotion. If you are interested in collaborating with him give him a shout!
You can find an extensive sample of his work at https://purpleport.com/portfolio/shakes/?referrer=shakes

Tallaght Photographic Society - Exhibition

_1 Exhibition poster 3

IPF - Nature Group News

The IPF Nature Group’s annual Wildlife projected image competition against the Northern Ireland Photographic Association was hosted this year by our Northern colleagues in the Discovery Centre of Oxford Island National Nature Reserve on the shores of Lough Neagh, on Saturday afternoon 18th January. The event was extremely well attended, with a good number of our own members travelling from at least eight clubs as far afield as Counties Clare, Limerick, Kildare, Wicklow, and Dublin, some of whom took the opportunity to photograph the local wildlife from some of the reserve’s hides.

The NIPA president, Hugh Rooney ARPS, welcomed everyone and expressed his delight with the support our inter-regional competition had received, particularly in the light of the apparent demise of the Celtic Challenge. All 306 images (147 from the South) were projected and commented on by both judges. Despite the fact that NIPA managed to provide all of the top four images, we were able to retain the honour of winning overall, albeit by a margin of only two points. The scores for each region’s top thirty images were NIPA 1,067, IPFNG 1,069 both out of a maximum of 1,200. The full results and images are available on the NIPA website https://www.niphoto.co.uk/inter-regional-wildlife-competition.
To join the Nature Group go to http://irishphoto.ie/ipf-nature-group-update/

FIAP Distinctions

The application season for FIAP distinctions opened on 01 November 2019 and will close on 28 February 2020.
The exception to this is that applications for MFIAP will close on 22 December 2019. This is to allow the IPF Liaison Officer to prepare the application and forward it to FIAP by their deadline of 21 January 2020.
The Liaison Officer requests that anyone thinking of applying for any FIAP distinction should first contact him – via the IPF Website Contact page. Please select “FIAP Distinctions” from the dropdown list. This is to ensure that everyone has the most up-to-date information.
As in previous years the initial applications can be made and the relevant fee paid via the IPF website www.irishphoto.ie
Anyone who is considering applying for FIAP distinctions this year should familiarise themselves with both the IPF and FIAP requirements which are outlined on the website – and in particular should note the changes which have been made in relation the FIAP Life Card.
A summary of the changes is – FIAP now require that anyone who applies for the AFIAP distinction MUST already be a holder of a FIAP Life Card. This card must be applied for BEFORE applying for the AFIAP distinction and can be done via the FIAP website – link is in the Newsletter and is on the IPF Website.

If you already hold an AFIAP distinction and wish to have a new FIAP Life Card to reflect your new distinction – then you can apply via the FIAP website AFTER you have your new distinction Certificate and Pin.

IPF National Club Championships 2020

Now that the National Shield has been completed successfully and we are close to the finals of the POTY and NPOTY it is nearing time for clubs to actively prepare for the major club event of the year, the National Club Championships.
The 2020 National Club Championships will be held, in Mullingar on the 16th / 17th May
The venue will be the Atrium of the County Buildings.
The distinctions will be held in the Arts Centre next door and the IPF AGM will be held on Sunday morning.
The annual dinner will be on Saturday night May 16th in the Mullingar Park Hotel.
It would be great if every club in the country would enter the championships or come along and enjoy what is always a very enjoyable Festival of Irish Photography.

The Judges will be:
Armando Jongejan FRPS
Romain Nero EFIAP/g Hon EFIAP ( Director FIAP Patronage).
Steven Le Provost FIPF, FRPS, AFIAP, MPAGB.

Full details will be published nearer the event

Sheamus O'Donoghue
087 2579947



IPF Lecture / Judging Expenses Guidelines


Judge / Lecturer booking protocol

  1. After the initial booking, a club should confirm booking in writing/email. A reminder text or email should be made to judge 2 weeks before lecture/judging.
  2. Club in advance should agree expense/fee and meal /accommodation requirements with lecturer/judge.
  3. After a single journey of 100km, the judge/ lecturer should be offered a meal/ snack on arrival.
  4. After a single journey of 150km or more the judge/lecturer should be offered local accommodation.
  5. The club should send a reminder to lecturer/judge 2 weeks before the event giving clear directions to venue/meeting point. The club should discuss with lecturer what equipment is needed for the event and what facilities the club has available. The club must ascertain and supply equipment required unless otherwise agreed.
  6. The club should provide reserved parking close to the venue and club members should give lecturer a hand to bring in prints and equipment.
  7. Expenses/fee must be paid to lecturer/judge on the night. Cash should be offered rather than a cheque. Do not embarrass guest by asking what expenses are on the night. Expenses are clearly given in the table above or agreed in advance.
  8. The judge/lecturer is your guest and should be accorded good hospitality.
  9. A formal vote of thanks should be made on the night.
  10. A follow up thank you letter within 2 weeks of the event should follow from the club.
When booking high profile guests from the UK or elsewhere do check in advance what their lecture fees are and what their air/ ferry costs are in addition to the above protocol.

Did you know that the IPF has an honorary award system available?


"The following amendment to the Peter Slattery Memorial Award was agreed by the IPF Council. In order to assist clubs who have several qualifying members they wish to nominate for this award and qualify according to the notes and guidelines on the IPF website, permission has been granted to nominate three members in the year of their first application only and this amendment only applies up until the AGM in 2022."
IPF Awards should not be confused with IPF Distinctions. Awards are made to individuals who have served above and beyond at club or higher level over a significant period. To preserve the integrity and high standing of these honorary awards, the number granted each year will be strictly limited. The final decision on granting each Award will be made by the IPF Awards Committee, which shall be comprised of six members of the IPF Council including a secretary elected by the Awards Committee and chaired by the IPF President.
Further details available over on our website.

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