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IPF Newsletter - April 2020

Welcome to the April newsletter of the Irish Photographic Federation. Since our last newsletter in early March, the landscape in Ireland and all over the world has changed dramatically with the widespread of the Covid -19, Coronavirus pandemic.

At times like this its hard to know what to say, we’ve never experienced anything like this before and so I think its best that we leave all advice on this matter to the experts and ask people to follow the guidelines and keep up to date with the advice at www.hse.ie

In light of Covid-19 and the National Guidelines on the gathering of large crowds and most importantly in the interest of the Health & Safety of all our affiliated clubs and their members you are probably aware that the Irish Photographic Federation has postponed the upcoming National Club Championships, Annual General Meeting and May Distinction Sitting that were all scheduled to take place on the weekend of May 16th & 17th 2020. It may now also be possible that we will be postponing other events that are due to take place later in the year but we will keep you all notified on these matters. We will hopefully be re-scheduling these events later in the year and will keep you all informed through the IPF Website and Social Media Platforms.

We would also advise that clubs strongly consider refraining from holding club meetings until restrictions are lifted concerning public gatherings.
I wish you all the very best, stay safe and well,
Kind Regards,

Dominic Reddin
National PresidentIrish Photographic Federation

What's Inside this Month?

  • Distinctions Update
  • FIAP News
  • National Club Championships 2020
  • Club Fees
  • IPF Lecture / Judging Expenses Guidelines
  • IPF Awards - Important Update.

Distinction Updates

To be advised at a later date.

National Club Championships 2020 Update

National Club Championships 2020

It is hard to imagine that the following was published on March 6th in that month's Newsletter.
"Now that the National Shield has been completed successfully and we are close to the finals of the POTY and NPOTY it is nearing time for clubs to actively prepare for the major club event of the year, the National Club Championships.
The 2020 National Club Championships will be held, in Mullingar on the 16th / 17th May"

This country and indeed the whole world has been turned upside down since then and we are now living in a situation that nobody ever envisaged.

As you know the IPF very quickly advised all Clubs to desist from holding meetings, for health and safety reasons, very early in this crisis and a decision was also taken to postpone the National Club Championships, the May Distinctions sitting and the AGM in light of the information to hand at that time and as we all know now, sadly, things moved very quickly in a not so good way since then.

We will continue to take note of health services advice now and in the future and decide at some future time if we can, in some way or another, consider running the club championships.

I just hope that every club member is safe and healthy and that you all stay that way.
Every effect has a cause and I just hope that when this virus is finally beaten back that the powers that be with regard to the health of the peoples of the world do a very forensic analysis of the origins of this horrible disease and ensure that whatever conditions caused it will be dealt with in a way that will ensure that such a cause will not happen again.

Sheamus O'Donoghue
National Club Championships Co-ordinator
April 5th 2020


International Contact


IPF Lecture / Judging Expenses Guidelines


Judge / Lecturer booking protocol

  1. After the initial booking, a club should confirm booking in writing/email. A reminder text or email should be made to judge 2 weeks before lecture/judging.
  2. Club in advance should agree expense/fee and meal /accommodation requirements with lecturer/judge.
  3. After a single journey of 100km, the judge/ lecturer should be offered a meal/ snack on arrival.
  4. After a single journey of 150km or more the judge/lecturer should be offered local accommodation.
  5. The club should send a reminder to the lecturer/judge 2 weeks before the event giving clear directions to the venue/meeting point. The club should discuss with the lecturer what equipment is needed for the event and what facilities the club has available. The club must ascertain and supply equipment required unless otherwise agreed.
  6. The club should provide reserved parking close to the venue and club members should give the lecturer a hand to bring in prints and equipment.
  7. Expenses/fees must be paid to the lecturer/judge on the night. Cash should be offered rather than a cheque. Do not embarrass guests by asking what expenses are on the night. Expenses are clearly given in the table above or agreed in advance.
  8. The judge/lecturer is your guest and should be accorded good hospitality.
  9. A formal vote of thanks should be made on the night.
  10. A follow up thank you letter within 2 weeks of the event should follow from the club.
When booking high profile guests from the UK or elsewhere do check in advance what their lecture fees are and what their air/ ferry costs are in addition to the above protocol.

Did you know that the IPF has an honorary award system available?


"The following amendment to the Peter Slattery Memorial Award was agreed by the IPF Council. In order to assist clubs who have several qualifying members they wish to nominate for this award and qualify according to the notes and guidelines on the IPF website, permission has been granted to nominate three members in the year of their first application only and this amendment only applies up until the AGM in 2022."
IPF Awards should not be confused with IPF Distinctions. Awards are made to individuals who have served above and beyond at club or higher level over a significant period. To preserve the integrity and high standing of these honorary awards, the number granted each year will be strictly limited. The final decision on granting each Award will be made by the IPF Awards Committee, which shall be comprised of six members of the IPF Council including a secretary elected by the Awards Committee and chaired by the IPF President.
Further details available over on our website.

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