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IPF Newsletter - December - 2019

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Welcome to the December Newsletter the final one this year, all of which we hope have helped you to keep in touch with the latest news and provide you with all the information about the activities of the Irish Photographic Federation and its events throughout the 2019.
Welcome to the December Newsletter the final one this year, all of which we hope have helped you to keep in touch with the latest news and provide you with all the information about the activities of the Irish Photographic Federation and its events throughout 2019.

It feels as if the year has really flew passed us and before we know it December is already upon us. The dark mornings and early dark evenings, unfortunately, will be with us for another couple of weeks. As with previous years, we have had a busy period throughout November with the National Shield which took place in Kilkenny on Sunday 17th. A great event with great panels of photographs, great judging and most of all great organisation and coordination in putting it all together by the event coordinator Andy Magan. Our thanks to Andy assisted by Sabrina Dunny (Carlow Photographic Society) and the members of Kilkenny Photographic Society who assisted in no small way. Congratulations to all those who won prizes on the day and the overall winners Offshoot Photographic Society.

On Saturday, November 30th we had the fifth and final Distinction sitting of 2019, congratulations to all those who were successful on the day, for those who weren’t successful on this occasion please come back and try again. My extended thanks to Bob Morrisson (National Distinctions Secretary) under the stewardship of Des Clinton (Chairman of the Distinctions Committee), and all the assessors on the day for making the event so enjoyable.

And so as the year comes to a close let me on behalf of the Irish Photographic Federation wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year. I hope your photographic ambitions become a reality in 2020, and I look forward to meeting you all at some stage at the various events that we have planned to take place throughout the New Year.
Until next time,
Kind Regards,
Dominic Reddin FIPF
President Irish Photographic Federation

What's Inside this Month?

  • IPF Distinctions Service Update.
  • Distinction Holders - Please Take Note
  • National Shield - Overall Winner
  • Club Championships 2020
  • Joe Houghton - "Streets of Dublin"
  • Malahide Camera Club - Book for Charity
  • FIAP Distinctions 2019-2020
  • FIAP Colour Biennial
  • IPF - New Treasurer
  • Dundalk Photographic Society - Award it's Members
  • Darkroom Equipment For Sale
  • Distinction Advisory Workshop 2020
  • IPF Lecture / Judging Expenses Guidelines
  • IPF Awards - Important Update.

IPF Distinction Service Update

February Distinctions 2020

Applications for February 29th Distinction Sitting opening midday 05/11/2019.

For more information go to:
Distinctions on the IPF website.




All IPF Distinction Holders (except those who have paid a Lifetime Fee) are due to pay their Annual Fee for 2020 on 1st January next. The €25 Annual Fee (€15 for Distinction Holders over 65) is of vital importance to the funding of the IPF. Timely payment helps the IPF to plan many of its events for the coming year and beyond. All Distinction Holders who are due to pay an Annual Fee will receive a further reminder by email in mid-January. If you have not previously received a reminder, please contact the IPF by email at renewals@irishphoto.ie.

The work carried out by the IPF has enabled our Affiliated Clubs and their members to progress Irish photography to the very high standards we see in our National Competitions and Distinction sessions, not to mention successes and distinctions in FIAP. In the 2019 FIAP Biennials, Ireland was 4th in colour projections and 9th in colour prints - Worldwide!

The goodwill and support of everyone, particularly the Distinction Holders, is essential to continuing this success.

National Council of the IPF has had to review the collection of Distinction Annual Fees as part of its planning for the year ahead. Over the past few years, a large minority of IPF Distinction Holders have not attended to the payment of their Annual Fee, despite several requests to do so. This may have happened inadvertently but for whatever reason, the fact remains that the IPF is not receiving a large amount of income which could be used to further benefit all Distinction Holders and all Affiliated Clubs. Council has now approved a policy which will allow those IPF Distinction Holders who are in arrears to make good their position. This policy means that lapsed Distinction Holders will only have to pay a maximum of 3 years for any arrears, even if they are in arrears for more than 3 years. But to avail of this, payment must be made by 31st March 2020.

In summary, this is the policy adopted by Council:

  • Distinction Annual Fees are due for payment on 1st January and must be paid by 31st March.
  • . If the Distinction Annual Fee for the current year plus any arrears for previous years have not been paid by 31st March 2020, the Distinction Holder will be advised that they will no longer be entitled to use their Distinction letters and the Distinction will automatically lapse.
  • Distinction Holders whose Distinction has lapsed through non-payment of the Annual Fees will continue to be classified as advanced photographers for the purposes of IPF competitions, and organisers of national competitions will be able to check on this.

National Shield - Overall Winner

Offshoot Photographic Society

51_offshoot 2_Overall Winner_IPF National Shield Plaque_Sheldon Fine Art Paper - Voucher_1st place Overall Winner Offshoot Photographic Society
List of Winners in order of Prizes & Certs - with image numbers for web and Facebook-1
List of Winners in order of Prizes & Certs - with image numbers for web and Facebook-2

IPF Club Championships 2020

The 2020 National Club Championships will be held, as usual, in Mullingar on the 16th / 17th May
The venue will be the Atrium of the County Buildings.
The distinctions will be held in the Arts Centre next door and the IPF AGM will be held on Sunday morning.
The annual dinner will be on Saturday night May 16th in the Mullingar Park Hotel.

The Judges will be:
Armando Jongejan FRPS
Romain Nero EFIAP/g Hon EFIAP ( Director FIAP Patronage).
Steven Le Provost FIPF, FRPS, AFIAP, MPAGB.

Full details will be published nearer the event

Sheamus O'Donoghue
087 2579947

Joe Houghton "Streets of Dublin"

(Member of the Plamerstown Camera Club)
Microsoft Word - Press release for Streets of Dublin - Sept 2019

Malahide Camera Club

Produce a book for charity

Contact: joedoyle68@gmail.com

FIAP Biennial Results

& FIAP Distinctions

The application season for FIAP distinctions opened on 01 November 2019 and will close on 28 February 2020.
The exception to this is that applications for MFIAP will close on 22 December 2019. This is to allow the IPF Liaison Officer to prepare the application and forward it to FIAP by their deadline of 21 January 2020.
The Liaison Officer requests that anyone thinking of applying for any FIAP distinction should first contact him – via the IPF Website Contact page. Please select “FIAP Distinctions” from the dropdown list. This is to ensure that everyone has the most up-to-date information.
As in previous years the initial applications can be made and the relevant fee paid via the IPF website www.irishphoto.ie
Anyone who is considering applying for FIAP distinctions this year should familiarise themselves with both the IPF and FIAP requirements which are outlined on the website – and in particular should note the changes which have been made in relation the FIAP Life Card.
A summary of the changes is – FIAP now require that anyone who applies for the AFIAP distinction MUST already be a holder of a FIAP Life Card. This card must be applied for BEFORE applying for the AFIAP distinction and can be done via the FIAP website – link is in the Newsletter and is on the IPF Website.

If you already hold an AFIAP distinction and wish to have a new FIAP Life Card to reflect your new distinction – then you can apply via the FIAP website AFTER you have your new distinction Certificate and Pin.
This year Ireland participated in the FIAP Colour Biennial hosted by our friends in Spain.
We submitted 10 Colour Prints on the theme of "Female Beauty" and 20 Digital Images on the theme of "The Many Faces of Childhood".
We were very successful - being placed 4th in the Digital section, receiving a FIAP Bronze Medal and 9th in the Print section, receiving an Honorable Mention.
But - a FIAP Gold Medal was awarded to Michael Strapec for his print "Cinderalla" and a FIAP Bronze Medal was awarded to James Cosgrove for his image "Flower Girl".
Congratulations to all whose images represented Ireland for what was a very successful event.

FIAP Biennial Results

2019 - FIAP Colour Biennial - participants and authorisation-1
2019 - FIAP Colour Biennial - participants and authorisation-2
2019 - Female Beauty - IPF - Colour Prints
2019 - The Many Faces of Childhood - IPF - Project Images

The IPF has a new treasurer

IPF Treasurer
Rory O’Connor

The IPF Council is pleased to announce the appointment of Rory O’Connor as its new Treasurer.
Me for IPF
Rory is taking over the Treasurer role from Brian Deering on Jan 1st 2020, while Brian will retain his role in managing the Annual affiliation fees.
Rory says he’s been tipping around with a camera ever since I was 7 years old. but didn’t develop (pardon the pun) any momentum in his photography until he joined a camera club in 2011
He’s is a member of Blarney Photography Club and he says the club takes photography and the craic very seriously, in equal measures. He was awarded his LIPF in 2014, and AIPF in 2017. He also received an AFIAP in 2017.
He’s primarily a seascape photographer but dislikes getting up early in the morning. When he’s not down the beach, he can be occasionally be found in the Black Valley in Killarney and where he describes as the most tranquil place on earth, Gougane Barra. He shoots Nikon.
Rory sees photography as a means of escape and relaxation, a means of capturing that moment that would otherwise be lost and gone forever, but also a means of challenging himself to achieve prescribed photographic standards.
He is a believer in the IPF Distinctions process and attends most sittings. He finds it a great place of education and inspiration. He says that his next distinction is like the proposed Cork to Limerick Motorway, at the planning stage.

Dundalk Photographic Society

Award it's members.

The Peter Slattery Memorial Award Presentation

Colm Kane, Dave Donlon, Tony McDonnell
Every now and then, in the lifetime of a club, something really special happens and last night was one of those nights for DPS. It was my unique honour and privilege as Chairperson of DPS to recognise the contribution, dedication and unwavering commitment made to our club by three of its longest-serving members, Tony McDonnell, Dave Donlon & Colm Kane who between them have given over 110 years of service to our club. They were each presented with The IPF Peter Slattery Memorial Award by Denis Whelehan, Secretary, IPF Awards Council. That we were able to honour these three great gentlemen in our 40th Anniversary year made it even more special.

Tony McDonnell, EFIAP/p
A member since 1981, Tony is one of Ireland’s finest and most prolific photographers and one, who at every turn, throughout his membership, has been willing to teach photography, share his skills and wealth of knowledge with our members to help them become the best photographers they can be. Tony has served on the committee of DPS for many years having held the positions of Club Secretary, Club Chairman and as a long-standing member of the Selection Committee which has enabled DPS to win the many awards and accolades it has won throughout his years of membership and to become the success, it is today. He has taught the Beginners Classes down through the years and helped many fledgling photographers to find their wings. His stunning images have graced the panels produced by DPS at every turn and they have played a major role in all the major competitions we have won, including the FIAP World Cup 2010, the National Club Finals over many years and the panels which led to our successes in the PSA PID Interclub Competitions in 2017 & 2018. Tony has also won the DPS Photographer of the Year and DPS Image of the Year on numerous occasions.

Dave Donlon, LIPF
Over the last 37 years Dave has been a proud and happy member of DPS, and more than anything, he enjoys a love of photography, the lifelong friendships he has made and social aspects of the club. He is a committee member of DPS since 1984 and has acted as the club treasurer for most of that time. He has seen many changes in membership and venues during those years. It is safe to say that Dave has been the backbone of DPS for many a long year and a steady hand at the helm of the club, ensuring and safeguarding the financial stability and wellbeing of DPS at every turn. Throughout Dave’s years of membership, his dedication to the club and its members has been unwavering and in more recent times, he has also held the position of Treasurer, IPF North East Region. He is always there (bag in hand containing all the secrets of DPS)to lend a hand if needed, he guides the new members through the process of joining the club and actively participates in all of the clubs activities. Dave is the gentle giant of the club, the Quiet Man, never seeking awards or accolades for himself whilst always encouraging others to do so.

Over the last 30 years, Colm has been an integral part of DPS. He has served on the committee for a considerable number of years and has held the position of Club Chairman and as a member of the Selection Committee. He has also taught the Beginners Classes encouraging new and budding photographers to embrace their love of photography. With ever a keen eye for what constitutes a “great image”, Colm has, through his work as a Club Selector, been responsible in no small part for the most successful panels DPS has ever produced. Under his guidance and eagle eye, the panels that led to DPS winning the IPF National Club Finals in 5 out of 6 years, the National Shield on numerous occasions, the 2010 FIAP World Cup and finally guiding DPS on its fledgling journey in the PSA where it went from small beginnings in the lowest division to winning its top section, Division A, PSA PID Interclub competition in both 2017 & 2018. In addition to the above, Colm has also guided many members on their journeys to distinction and international salons. Throughout his years of membership, Colm has actively encouraged new members, he has shared his vast knowledge of photography with the club, he has been a mentor, guiding light and inspiration for some of the best photographers ever to have graced the doors of the club. He has been a beacon of light in the journey to the success that DPS has become. On a personal level, whilst most of us have taken the easy route and use digital photography and computers to produce award-winning images, Colm has remained true to his craft and to this day still uses film, develops his images in the darkroom, prints and hand paints all of his own images. He is truly a master of a dying craft and his stunning images have been included in all the award-winning panels produced by the club and have won many individual awards, nationally and internationally.

Without these three gentlemen, DPS would not be the club it is today, and we the members of DPS cannot put into words how highly they are thought of in the club, the contributions made by them have in no small way, made DPS the success it is today and how much we appreciate the efforts made by them over a very long period of time for and on behalf of DPS

Congratulations from all your friends in the club for a richly deserved accolade.

Darkroom Equipment - FOR SALE -

Large Format Enlarger: Zone VI 5x4 enlarger for variable contrast cold light printing. This enlarger is built like a tank and works like a Rolls Royce, printing from 35mm up. Condition is mint -

Calumet 20x16 archival print washer with washing capacity for 12 prints each in their own individual slots. Condition mint -

Enlarging lenses: Schneider Componon -s 50mm. + Nikon 75mm + Rodenstock 150mm. Condition mint -

Trays in sets of 3 sizes: 10x8 + 16x12 + 20x16. very clean condition.

Safe lights etc. etc.

The big items are for collection only as I would like to let the buyer see it working.
The print washer is very heavy but I could take it to Dublin or Sligo for example.

IPF Approved Distinction's Advisory Workshop 2020

The Drogheda Photographic Club will be running a Distinction’s workshop in Millmount Square, Drogheda on Saturday 8th Feb 2020. Three members of the IPF distinction’s assessing panel will be present to give advice on panels at all levels, Licentiate, Associate and Fellowship levels.
Photographers attending for advice should bring along their pre-selected paneled prints: 10 for LIPF, 15 for AIPF, 20 for FIPF.
Participants should also bring along a selection of spare prints to be used if required. Digital images will not be looked at.
10am : Tea / coffee
10.15 am: Introduction and guidelines.
10.45 am: Licentiate panels advising
1pm – 2pm: Lunch.
2 pm -5 pm: Associate and Fellowship panels advising.

Venue: Drogheda Photographic Club, 8 Millmount Square, Drogheda.
Date: Saturday 8th February 2020
Cost: With panel €40. Without panel observer €20

Booking contact
Chris Costello: costelloce@gmail.com Phone: 086 3812460

IPF Lecture / Judging Expenses Guidelines


Judge / Lecturer booking protocol

  1. After the initial booking, a club should confirm booking in writing/email. A reminder text or email should be made to judge 2 weeks before lecture/judging.
  2. Club in advance should agree expense/fee and meal /accommodation requirements with lecturer/judge.
  3. After a single journey of 100km, the judge/ lecturer should be offered a meal/ snack on arrival.
  4. After a single journey of 150km or more the judge/lecturer should be offered local accommodation.
  5. The club should send a reminder to lecturer/judge 2 weeks before the event giving clear directions to venue/meeting point. The club should discuss with lecturer what equipment is needed for the event and what facilities the club has available. The club must ascertain and supply equipment required unless otherwise agreed.
  6. The club should provide reserved parking close to the venue and club members should give lecturer a hand to bring in prints and equipment.
  7. Expenses/fee must be paid to lecturer/judge on the night. Cash should be offered rather than a cheque. Do not embarrass guest by asking what expenses are on the night. Expenses are clearly given in the table above or agreed in advance.
  8. The judge/lecturer is your guest and should be accorded good hospitality.
  9. A formal vote of thanks should be made on the night.
  10. A follow up thank you letter within 2 weeks of the event should follow from the club.
When booking high profile guests from the UK or elsewhere do check in advance what their lecture fees are and what their air/ ferry costs are in addition to the above protocol.

Did you know that the IPF has an honorary award system available?


"The following amendment to the Peter Slattery Memorial Award was agreed by the IPF Council. In order to assist clubs who have several qualifying members they wish to nominate for this award and qualify according to the notes and guidelines on the IPF website, permission has been granted to nominate three members in the year of their first application only and this amendment only applies up until the AGM in 2022."
IPF Awards should not be confused with IPF Distinctions. Awards are made to individuals who have served above and beyond at club or higher level over a significant period. To preserve the integrity and high standing of these honorary awards, the number granted each year will be strictly limited. The final decision on granting each Award will be made by the IPF Awards Committee, which shall be comprised of six members of the IPF Council including a secretary elected by the Awards Committee and chaired by the IPF President.
Further details available over on our website.

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