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IPF Newsletter - September 2020

Welcome to September Edition of the IPF newsletter. A little later than usual this month with the circulation as we have been busy confirming things and putting together some things which we hope will be of great interest to you all in the coming months.

My colleagues on Council have been meeting up through Zoom meetings and have held a series of meetings of the sub-committees of the Council working on putting together events and initiatives that we hope will be of interest to you all.

Over the past few weeks, we have managed to put the following together and we will work to continue to see these events and initiatives carried out.

We now have the National Shield 2020 albeit in a different format “Online “ this year all ready to go with special thanks to our Coordinator Andy Magan, the closing date for entry is Friday, Nov 6th with the actual results taking place live through Zoom on Sunday 22nd November. We encourage all clubs to participate in this unique event and all the information including rules of the competition and application form are over on the IPF Website www.irishphoto.ie

Our Judges Committee with some extended members of Council are working with our regional representatives putting together a list of Judges and a list of Lecturers that will be published on our website for clubs to use in the coming weeks. Clubs will now be able to avail of a list of Judges that they may wish to use for their club competitions and also a list of Lecturers that they may wish to invite to their club through Zoom and hopefully physically in person if conditions allow with the current COVID 19 Pandemic. Unfortunately, it's very much still with us and we can't fail to remember that, as I have said in the past the health and well being of you all and that of the Council members is paramount. At this point, I would like to acknowledge the work and time that this committee has put into finalizing this piece of work under the stewardship of John Butler who has been overseeing its process diligently.

Following months of discussion and consideration the annual “Photographer of the Year & Nature Photographer of the Year” won't take place. We have reviewed this competition and are still working on finalizing plans to host an online event this year, which the Competitions Committee under the stewardship of Bill Power has been working on. Titled “The Irish Photographic Federation National Photography Competitions” I am pleased and excited to say that this event will take place and further information on this new event and what it will involve will be published shortly.

Finally as previously advised the Distinctions Committee under the stewardship of its Chairperson Des Clinton are working behind the scenes on preparing to hold a Distinction sitting later in the year. As you can appreciate this will be very different from previous distinctions but nonetheless as fair and as open and transparent as always before. Further notice will be forwarded in due course, however, I must stress that we are all dependent on the conditions we will find ourselves in with the pandemic, but hopefully, we can see it through.

The Council and its subcommittees will continue to meet through Zoom in the coming weeks and further advance its plans going forward and notify all members and clubs.

In the meantime please take care and stay safe.

Until next time,

Kind Regards,
Dominic Reddin FIPF
President Irish Photographic Federation

Distinction Updates

Watch this space.
The Distinctions Committee under the stewardship of its Chairperson Des Clinton is working behind the scenes on preparing to hold a Distinction sitting later in the year.

What's Inside this Month?

  • Distinctions Update
  • Notice of the death of Frank Malthouse
  • 2020 National Shield DIGITAL Competition
  • Public Liability Insurance and COVID-19
  • FIAP News - September 2020

    Notice of the death of Frank Malthouse

    Just to let you know that Frank Malthouse died yesterday morning.at his home in Waterford, where he had been lovingly cared for by his wife Mary and daughters, Geraldine and Catherine along with carers for a number of years. Frank's sons, Pearce & Kieran live in Australia. His funeral mass will be live-streamed at noon tomorrow. 21/09/2020
    Digital StillCamera
    A committee was formed in 1998 to run the IPF AV National Championships - the IPF AV Group Committee - with Frank Malthouse as chairperson, Alan Lyons, Kieran O’Loughlin, Joe Webb & Lilian Webb. Frank Malthouse took over as IPF AV Director for AV1999 and served on Council for a number of years.
    At AV2011, Lilian Webb presented Frank Malthouse with the Brendan Walkin medal in recognition of his services to the IPF in particular as chairman of the IPF AV Group Committee.

    Frank was a guiding light in how the IPF AV Championships are organised and ran and will be sadly missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing him and his family. May he rest in peace.
    Attached is a photograph taken at an IPF meet in the Teachers' Club, Dublin in 2005 with the then committee - Joe Webb, Kieran O'Loughlin, Frank Malthouse, Lilian Webb & Alan Lyons.

    Many thanks.


    The IPF National Photography Competitions (IPF-NPC) are a new style of on-line digital competition being organised for 2021 by a newly-formed committee of the IPF Council. The competitions are aimed at individual photographers who must be members of camera clubs affiliated to the IPF. Our objectives are to encourage higher quality and standards in photography in various genres and to promote more participation in competitions. In response to the COVID situation, entries will be digital-only.
    Bill Power Portrait
    The IPF National Photography Competitions (IPF-NPC) are a new style of on-line digital competition being organised for 2021 by a newly-formed committee of the IPF Council. The competitions are aimed at individual photographers who must be members of camera clubs affiliated to the IPF. Our objectives are to encourage higher quality and standards in photography in various genres and to promote more participation in competitions. In response to the COVID situation, entries will be digital-only.

    IPF National Shield Digital 2020 ** UPDATE **

    Hope all is well with everyone, just received confirmation of the National Shield Judges.
    I delighted to welcome our three international judges,

    1. Bronwyn Casey EFIAP/s MAPS
    Australia, FIAP liaison officer

    1. Agatha Bunanta APSA, GMPSA, GPSA, EFIAP/p, ARPS.
    Indonesia, PSA International Relationships Vice-President.

    1. Richard Speirs DPAGB APAGB BPE2
    Carlisle a district in North West England

    Looking forward to you all participating in this year National Shield, don’t forget to register your intention so you can receive your registration number on or before Friday 23rd October 2020


    Andrew Magan AIPF ARPS EFIAP
    National Shield Coordinator
    Irish Photographic Federation

    IPF National Shield Digital 2020

    Hi all,

    A few dates for your calendar,

    I am back for another year as coordinator of the National Shield Competition. This year, because of the COVID-19 situation, we are going to run a digital shield competition on the weekend of the 14th and 15th November 2020 - register your intention to participate 25th October - closing date for entries on the 8th November.
    I still have a few items to work on and fine-tune before the weekend of the 14/15th November 2020 but will update ASAP.

    There are some changes to the National Shield rules this year, due to the change to a digital competition (available online shortly).

    The Competition as we know it is still an annual inter-club competition which is open to all clubs who are affiliated to the IPF. Only those photographers competing at the non-advanced level are eligible to be represented in this competition. This competition showcases the work of photographers from clubs all over the country. Each competing club may submit a digital panel of colour and monochrome images. Note that only those clubs who enter both sections will be eligible for the overall award.

    The entry fee is set by the IPF Council. The 2020 entry fee is €60. The reduced fees for 2020 reflect the reduced costs arising from this being a digital rather than a print competition.

    Judging itself is private, however, viewing of the images will be available from the 16th on the IPF web site.
    On Sunday 22nd November, per Zoom, the judges will give their criteria on the panels and the results will also be announced.

    Our Sponsor:

    Again we have Sheldon from Fine Art Paper check out his new web site: https://www.fineartpapers.ie/

    Sheldon Long of fine art paper is the leading supplier of papers by Canson, Hahnemuhle, Fuji, Epson and St. Cuthbert’s in Ireland and is a fully accredited Gold, Epson Pro Partner for the supply of Epson printers and inks. Sheldon has had a long track record in supporting the National Shield and acknowledges the efforts put in by clubs every year to showcase the works of their non-advanced members. In his own words, “it is fantastic to see camera club members grow from their initial involvement with the Shield to advance members competing on the world stage”.

    I was really looking forward to holding the competition again in Kilkenny, after the fantastic number that turned up last year and the great day, we all had. I had already taken on board the suggestions and constructed comment, made to me, hopefully we can resume where we left off next year.

    I look forward to your participation in this year’s competition.

    If you have any query on the above, please contact:
    andrewmaganaipf@gmail.com or ring me on 087 2331548

    Thanks in advance
    Keep Safe, Keep well

    Andy Magan AIPF, ARPS, EFIAP
    Coordinator of the National Shield
    Irish Photographic Federation

    Public Liability Insurance and COVID-19


    To all Regions, Special Interest Groups & Clubs
    Public Liability Insurance and COVID-19

    Insurance for the Regions and Special Interest Groups
    Council has been advised that in addition to Clubs, all Regions and Special Interest Groups should be required to carry their own public liability insurance. While Regions, Special Interest Groups and Clubs are free to purchase insurance from an insurer of their choice, most IPF Club policies are with Allianz, through Europlan Insurances Tel 01-2951266, contact Moya O’Donoghue. Please also note that a copy of the insurance cert should be emailed to treasurer@irishphoto.ie
    The following is an extract from the advice received:
    “With regard to whom needs insurance – Each member club, region, special interest group etc would need to hold their own insurance as they are running/organising their own activities under their own organisation's name ie Southern Associations of Camera Clubs. They are separately responsible for any event that they run. Therefore any liability would attach to each individual group.”

    Council advises Regions, Groups and Clubs who may be considering organising events, be they indoor or outdoor, to first study the Government guidelines referred to below. Council also advises appointing one or more persons with the expertise to interpret the Government guidelines and to assist with their implementation to ensure that the necessary risk assessment is carried out, the risks in running an event identified and the necessary guidelines put in place and adhered to, in order to protect everyone taking part in the event and members of the public from contracting and spreading the virus.

    Additionally, our insurers have advised that in the event of an insurance claim, any failure to implement the Government guidelines by the organisers of the event could be interpreted as negligence and could result in cover being denied, leaving the individuals involved in running the event vulnerable to being made personally liable.

    While there is no dedicated advice for the Camera Clubs, the COVID health principals remain the same across all sectors of society. Our insurers advise reading the following Government guidelines and tailoring them to the particular needs of the event being organised.

    “Reopening Business and Returning to Work”
    “Roadmap for Opening Society and Business”
    It is important to note the following;
    While the Government documents are reasonably comprehensive, in any situation where an identified risk is not addressed or gives rise to particular concerns or worries, the event should not take place.

    In the meantime, stay safe everybody, the virus has not gone away.

    Rory O’Connor
    IPF National Treasurer
    On behalf of the IPF Council


    FIAP celebrates its 70th Anniversary

    This year FIAP is celebrating its 70th anniversary. As part of the celebrations FIAP has organised an international photography competition which is open to all photographers from around the world.
    The theme is “The World in 2020”.
    The competition is under FIAP patronage – so acceptances will count towards FIAP distinctions. There is no entry fee and the Best Author will be invited to the next FIAP Photo Meeting (Scheduled for November 2021) – all expenses paid (i.e. Flights and hotel costs).
    There is one section and both Colour and Black & White images can be entered.
    There is a restriction in that the images have to in the “Traditional Photo” subject.
    A “traditional photo” maintains the original single capture image content with minimal adjustments which should not alter the reality of the scene and should appear natural. Rearranging, replacing, adding to or removing any part of the original image except by cropping is strictly forbidden. HDR (High Dynamic Range) and focus-stacking techniques, whether done in camera or post-capture, are strictly forbidden.

    The opening date for submission of images is 1st September 2020 – and the closing date is 1st January 2021.
    The website for submission is www.fiap-earthin2020.net
    The attached document gives much more information about this exciting competition.

    FIAP Distinctions
    This is advance notice for people who are thinking of applying for a FIAP distinction.
    The schedule for this year is that submissions will open on 1st November 2020 and will close on 28th February 2021.
    You should initially register on the IPF website and pay the relevant fee there.
    If you are applying for the first distinction – AFIAP – then you also have to register with FIAP and apply for a FIAP Life Card. There is a separate fee for this. You can make this application via the FIAP online platform at www.myfiap.net
    There is a link at the bottom of the screen called “Create new Photographer profile”. Click on this – and then look at the video by clicking on the link in the Red Banner with the words “Video tutorial on how to order the FIAP card”.
    All the information you need is on the IPF website under the FIAP pages.
    It would also be great if you could let the FIAP Liaison Officer – Paul Stanley – know of your intention to apply. You can contact him via the Contact page on the IPF website.

    FIAP World Cup for Clubs
    A message from Michele Macinai EFIAP/s the FIAP Director of the FIAP World Cup for Clubs Service.
    I am pleased to announce that the 15th World Cup for Clubs 2020 will definitely be proceeding. The arrangements and entry information are still being finalised but will be sent to FIAP Liaison Officers when the details have been finalised. Given the international health situation due to the Covid-19 virus, this year the judging of the 15th World Cup for Clubs 2020 will be on-line, in order to safeguard the health of our judges.
    Clubs are encouraged to start considering which images they may wish to enter. When finalised, the detailed entry information will also be available on the FIAP website at this link:

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    Compiled and Edited by Liam Beattie AIPF, ARPS