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June 2021

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Welcome to the June edition of our Newsletter. As the number of people vaccinated increases steadily and lockdown restrictions continue to be eased, there is a feeling that the situation brought on by the pandemic is beginning to move in the right direction. As I have mentioned in previous newsletters, it has been a very difficult period for club members and I really appreciate the efforts of the officers and members of IPF-affiliated clubs who kept the show on the road.
We are beginning to reap the benefits of the willingness of the vast majority of Irish people to comply with HSE and Government guidelines to keep us all as safe as possible. The percentage of Irish people, in each age category, who have been vaccinated is amongst the highest anywhere and shows how we all work together for the common good.

It was great that we were able to proceed with the IPF National Club Championships 2020 / 2021 via Zoom on Sunday June 13th. The occasion was a great success and I wish to thank Sheamus O’Donoghue for organising the event so professionally. Thanks to the SACC Committee for allowing us to use their software, to Ger O’Halloran for processing the entries, to Rory O’Connor for operating the software and to Brian Deering. I’d like to also thank Andy Magan who is our Zoom master, Ita Pentony for publishing the special Newsletter, Gerry Kerr for preparing the website notices and George Pacini for the Facebook notices. The championship was such a success because of the work of the great team of volunteers involved in organising it.

I especially wish the thank the officers and members of the twenty five clubs who entered the competition and produced such a high standard of work. Thanks also to our three judges Dimitrina Vasileva from Bulgaria, David Lowe ARPS DPAGB from the UK and Bjarne Hyldgaard Pederson EFIAP/D 3, NSMIF/P, MSDF/S from Denmark.

Congratulations to Dundalk Photographic Society and Malahide Camera Club who came joint third in the finals, to Blarney Photographic Club who were second and to Catchlight Camera Club, who once again, came first. Congratulation also to the individual award winners.

As the country continues to open up, please remember to comply with the HSE and Government regulations at all times and stay safe.

John Butler, FIPF, ARPS

Irish Photographic Federation

What's Inside this Month?

Distinction Assessments Update

Dublin Camera Club Events
- Photo 21 - Annual Exhibition of Dublin Camera Club;
- Kevin Morgan Event

National Club Championship 2020/2021, Special Report

Distinction Assessments Update


Next Online Assessment: Weekend of Saturday 25th/26th September

While the news on the pandemic is getting increasingly optimistic, our arrangements still need to be certain, rather than speculative. This being so, we will continue with online assessments, the next sitting being on the weekend of 25th/26th September.

We invite applications for the sitting for all levels, Licentiate, Associate and Fellowship.

Applications must be made online by Friday 27th August.

As with previous online assessments, submissions will involve:

  • Digital images of 2400px on the longest side of the image, including a digital image of the “hanging plan”.
  • Matching unmounted A4 (no larger) prints of the images.
Both the digital images and the prints must be submitted no later than Friday 3rd September.

Applicants need to ensure that the prints are printed to the standard appropriate to the distinction level applied for. Assessment of print quality, as advised to the assessors by a designated print assessor will be an important part of the assessing process.

Bob Morrison

June 2021

Dublin Camera Club Events

Photo ‘21

The Annual Exhibition of the members of the Dublin Camera Club

On Tuesday 15th June the members of the club were delighted to be joined by John Butler, President of the IPF, to officially launch Photo ’21 - our annual exhibition.

We were also pleased to receive a video message of congratulations from Riccardo Busi, President of FIAP. Joining us were also our judges Sue O’Connell FIPF EFIAP/de MPAGB, Des Clinton FIPF FRPS EFIAP MFIAP and Bill Power FIPF EFIAP/p MPSA.

The Dublin Camera Club was founded towards the end of 1945 and in this our celebratory 75th Anniversary year we are proud to continue the tradition of hosting a members' Annual Exhibition. This year we had over 70 members participate submitting over 1,000 images which presented our judges with a daunting task.

The exhibition is now live on the club website – www.dublincameraclub.ie
We hope you enjoy your visit to it.
DCC Photo 21

75th Anniversary

Kevin Morgans Event

The DCC, as part of its 75th Anniversary celebrations, will host a presentation by the Nature Photographer Kevin Morgans.

This will take place on Thursday 24th June at 8pm

Guests can book a place for a fee of €5 on the website -

Kevin Morgans promo (1)

National Club Championship 2020/2021

Special Report

In normal circumstances the National Club Championship would be a print competition held over two days in the beautifully bright Atrium of the County Buildings in Mullingar, along with the May Distinctions session in the Arts Centre, and the AGM next door. Because of the Covid 19 crisis we had to cancel the Championship in 2020 and decided to run it this year as a digital only one. In order to keep a semblance of continuity we called it the IPF National Club Championship 2020 / 2021.

I am very happy to say that it worked very well and was well worth doing it this way. I know, we missed the social gathering side of things, the camaraderie and, of course, the annual dinner.

Hopefully we will be able to get back to normal in 2022 when we can all meet again face to face in Mullingar. The monochrome, colour and overall results are set out below, along with the individual award winners in each category.

Monochrome Results

The winning clubs in monochrome were:

1st Place - Catchlight Camera Club, Belfast

Mono 1st Catchlight 20-21 NCC

2nd Place - Blarney Photography Club

Mono 2nd Blarney 20-21 NCC

3rd Place - Dundalk Photographic Society

Mono 3rd Dundalk 20-21 NCC
Monochrome Individual Awards:
Mono Gold, Barry Kieran, Dundalk, Skogafoss
Mono Silver,  Jennifer Willis, Catchlight Camera Club, Ethereal Soul
Mono Bronze, Ross McKelvey, Catchlight Camera Club, Black Powder
Honourable Mention
Life in Black and White
Mono HM, Paul Reidy, Blarney Photography Club, Life in Black and White
Honourable Mention
Mono HM, Stephen Sinclair, Catchlight Camera Club, Shasta

Colour Results

The winning clubs in colour were:

1st Place - Catchlight Camera Club, Belfast

Colour 1st, Catchlight Camera Club 20-21 NCC

2nd Place - Celbridge Camera Club

Colour 2nd Celbridge Camera Club 20-21 NCC

3rd Place - Malahide Camera Club

Colour 3rd Malahide Camera Club 20-21 NCC

Colour Individual Awards:

Gold Medal
Make Way

Colour Gold, Jennifer Willis, Catchlight Camera Club, Make Way
Silver Medal
The Girl in the Red Dress
Colour Silver, Nina Butler, Palmerstown Camera Club, The Girl in the Red Dress
Bronze Medal

Colour Bronze, Feargal Quinn, Navan Camera Club, Ghostly
Honourable Mention
Mask of the Clown
Colour HM, Peter Adams, Catchlight Camera Club, Mask of the Clown
Honourable Mention
Colour HM, Michael Strapec, Blarney Photography club, Polina

Overall Winners National Club Championship


The Sean Casey Memorial Trophy for the Overall winner has been retained once again by Catchlight Camera Club, with Blarney Photography Club in 2nd place, and Malahide Camera Club and Dundalk Photographic Society in joint 3rd place.

Heartiest congratulations to the clear winners Catchight Camera Club and to each and every club and individual members whose entries made the competition a success.

Colour 1st, Catchlight Camera Club 20-21 NCC
Mono 1st Catchlight 20-21 NCC
Overall 2nd, Blarney colour
Mono 2nd Blarney 20-21 NCC
Overall 3rd Dundalk Photographic Society colour
Mono 3rd Dundalk 20-21 NCC
Colour 3rd Malahide Camera Club 20-21 NCC
Overall 3rd Malahide, mono

Finally, as the co-ordinator of the Championships this year I would like to thank the IPF Council for trusting me to run the event. Organising something like this could never be done without the cooperation of others and in that regard we are deeply indebted to the SACC committee for making their competition entry software available to us. So, thanks very much to Mark Gorman, Tadgh Hurley, Henry O'Brien and very especially Ger O'Halloran who took on the task of harvesting all the entries for us. Above all I want to thank Rory O'Connor for all the time he put in in the weeks leading up to the competition. His was the computational brain behind the whole thing.

Thanks also to Brian Deering for his assistance in various ways, to our Newsletter editor Ita Pentony for publication of a Special Newsletter to advertise the Club Championship and a later mention in the monthly Newsletter, to George Pacini for publicity on Facebook, to Gerry Kerr our webmaster, to Andy Magan our Zoommaster and his assistant Ned Mahon for the results & awards event on Sunday June 13th.

Every competition needs competent judges to determine the results and the judges on this occasion were Dmitrina Vasileva Chair of the Varna Salon of Photography from Bulgaria, Bjarne Hyldgaard Pederson EFIAP/Diamond 3, NSMIF/Platinum, MSDF/Silver from Denmark, and David Lowe ARPS, DPAGB, England. Thanks to the judges committee of Des Clinton, Paul Stanley, Bill Power & Gabriel O'Shaughnessy for choosing the judges and thanks to the judges for a job well done, each in their own way.

Finally, when I volunteered to co-ordinate the National Club Championship in 2018 I had no idea that I would be co-ordinating a very different version of the competition in 2021. It is my very fervent hope that whether I or someone else will be co-ordinating the championship in 2022 that a degree of normality will have returned to society and that it will be possible to get back to seeing high class printed images displayed on boards in the Atrium in Mullingar.

Congratulations again to the winning clubs and individuals, and good fortune in photography and in every other way to all our clubs and club members.

Sheamus O'Donoghue
National Club Championship Co-ordinator 2020 / 2021
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