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IPF Newsletter - April - 2019

A cháirde
Welcome to April edition of the IPF newsletter, our third this year, which hopefully keeps you, updated on our latest news and provide you with all the information on what’s coming up over the weeks ahead.

As the year slips on we had our first Distinction sitting in March in Portlaoise and my extended congratulations go to our new Distinction Holders. Another great day thanks to the Dunamaise Arts Centre Portlaoise and the host clubs Portlaoise Camera Club and Mountmellick Camera Club for their assistance on the day. As always with the Distinction applications, we receive the standard was very good and my extended thanks go to the Distinction team of assessors on the day directed by our Distinction Chairperson Des Clinton, Vice Chair Paul Stanley and assisted by no small means by the Distinction Secretary Bob Morrison. My thanks to Vice President Sheamus O’ Donoghue who deputised for me on the day in my absence, and Sabrina Dunny who assisted on the day. I am already looking forward to the next Distinction Sitting in May in Mullingar.

With no major event happening this month our attention turns to May and the National Club Championships, the biggest Club event of the year, I look forward to this event every year and can advise you that Council member and Co-ordinator Sheamus O’ Donoghue is working hard behind the scenes getting everything together for this event. The Annual General Meeting of the Irish Photographic Federation will also take place that weekend May 11th & 12th notice of which will be circulated to all affiliated clubs in the coming weeks.

As we continue to improve the support and assistance we give to all the clubs we represent affiliated to the Federation over the coming months we will be looking for your views and opinions in relation to providing better communications through our website and social media outlets and we would love to hear from you. Further information will be available on the above in the coming weeks.
Until next time,
Kind Regards,
Dominic Reddin FIPF
President Irish Photographic Federation

What's Inside this Month?

  • Appeal for Missing Camera Equipment.
  • IPF Distinctions Service Update.
  • Getting Help with your Distinction Panel.
  • Upcoming Distinction Dates.
  • Distinction Advisory Workshop.
  • National Club Championships 2019.
  • FIAP Biennial - 2019.
  • Brian McNamee - PSA Winner.
  • An Óige Photographic Group.
  • IPF Nature Group.
  • IPF Awards - Important Update.

Appeal for Missing Camera Equipment.

I am appealing for information for the return of my missing Canon camera equipment and asking fellow members to keep a look out on the various buy and sell exchange sites etc.
The equipment went missing while out shooting Wildlife in the Curraghchase in co Limerick on Tuesday 26th March. Reported it to Gardai.
The equipment consists of÷

Canon 7d
Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 is usm mk 11.
Canon extender X2 MK 111.
Benro monopod
Lens cap.
Uv filter.
Camouflage skin.

I appreciate all your help it's been very hard to accept what happened I'm still traumatised, worst still I didn't have any insurance I hope it can go out as a warning to other photographers.

Yours sincerely
Pat Murphy

IPF Distinction Service Update

For more information go to:
Distinctions on the IPF website.


Distinction Assessment is not a contest. That is why the assessors are not described as judges. Their task is to determine whether a set of prints put before them shows that the photographer’s work is at a certain level, e.g. the Licentiate.

Far from being a contest, the Distinctions system is there to help photographers advance their standards. Successfully reaching each Distinction level does this by setting a target that must be achieved and objectively assessing whether it has been achieved. Distinctions are there to help photographers measure themselves against a standard. As anyone who has attended an assessment session will know, if a panel does not succeed, the assessors will give constructive advice on how to get there. Written assessor comments are enclosed with each unsuccessful panel.
Putting together a distinction panel entails a considerable investment in time, effort and expense. The IPF is very conscious of this and encourages applicants to get advice from at least one person who is familiar with what is required for their distinction. Ask a recently successful candidate or a fellow club member who already has a distinction for help. Perhaps best of all will be the assistance of a current distinctions assessor, who has insight into what the assessors will look for in your panel. At the same time, be aware that this advisor is then precluded from assessing your panel later. It will be a trade-off between valuable guidance and the loss of an assessor who would be in your favour!

Also remember, any advisor’s opinion is just one among at least seven opinions at the assessment session. No matter how good the advice is that you get, the decision to present the final panel is yours alone. You carry the can, nobody else.

Where the panel is on a particular subject it is likely that the photographer will have a deeper knowledge of the subject than some of the assessors. What must be remembered is that what will be assessed is the photographic treatment of the subject.

A person’s depth of knowledge of the subject will have an important bearing on the content of his/her panel but the crucial issue will be the standard of photography. This means that objective advice on the photographic quality of the panel from someone else can make the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful panel.

All Associate and Fellowship panels are accompanied by a Statement of Intent, in which the photographer sets out what he/she wants to panel to demonstrate. This is where the photographer must clearly indicate what he/she wants the assessors to note in the panel’s treatment of the subject. This is also where the photographer must get across to the assessors any specialist knowledge that has a bearing on the panel. This is the photographer’s responsibility.

Not everyone has ready access to experienced advisors. For this reason, the IPF encourages advice sessions that can give applicants the opportunity to meet assessors. These may be organised by a Region, a club, or the IPF itself. If the IPF is satisfied that the advice offered will be given by persons who have the necessary expertise it may endorse that advice session.

It is a condition of IPF approval of such a session that steps be taken to ensure that the applicant panels at the session will not later be assessed by the persons advising at that session. The session organisers must supply the Distinctions Secretary with lists of both the authors and the advisors at the session. Steps will then be taken to ensure that advisors will later know not to assess the panels they have advised on.

Anyone with knowledge of the Distinctions system will be aware that it is organised so that the assessors do not know the identities of the photographers whose panels are put up before them. It is also fair to say that the assessors do not want to know those identities anyway.

This is not easy to maintain in what is a quite small photographic community but a system is in place to achieve it. Anyone who wishes to do so may look up the Distinctions Protocol on the IPF website to see what happens. It has been there for many years.

In brief, when you apply for assessment you do so through the IPF website and your identity becomes known only to the Distinctions Secretary and to the IPF Treasurer, neither of whom will assess your panel.

Sometime before the assessment date, the Distinctions Secretary will notify the Chair and Deputy Chair of Distinctions as to how many panels are due for assessment and at which levels. They are not given the identities of the applicants but they do receive a list of the subjects that are to be assessed – in all Associate and Fellowship panels and in those Licentiate panels which are not “General”.

The Chair and Deputy Chair confer to make up a list of seven or more assessors. A major part of their deliberation concerns ensuring that the assessors include expertise in what is usually a diverse list of subjects. This is to ensure that every panel of images will receive a fair, and thorough, appraisal. They then pass this list back to the Distinctions Secretary who invites the assessors to take part.

Almost inevitably, at least one assessor will know the author of a panel, perhaps a fellow club member. However, that assessor will not vote on the panel. The connection is discretely indicated to the assessor by the Distinctions Secretary or may be advised by the assessor where there is no obvious connection. The assessor will look at the panel as is usual so as not to let the other assessors know of a connection.

IPF Distinctions will always be an on-going work in progress, especially at the higher levels. Thankfully, photography shows no sign of reaching the point at which it has all been done! As photography evolves, so will Distinctions.

We welcome people’s suggestions and advice and readily adapt to the system where this is practical and will enhance the system. Where it cannot be acted on we will give the reason why not.

We respectfully suggest that the constructive way for people to have their ideas and suggestions incorporated in the Distinctions system is to use the route already in place. Write to or email the Distinctions Secretary. This will be considered by the Distinctions Committee or, if appropriate, the IPF National Council, and will be replied to.

Upcoming Distinction Dates

May Distinctions 2019
Saturday, May 11th, 2019 - Mullingar Arts Centre

June Distinctions 2019
Saturday, June 22nd, 2019 - Mullingar Arts Centre

September Distinctions 2019
Saturday, September 14th, 2019 - George Bernard Shaw Theatre Carlow

November Distinctions 2019
Saturday, November 30th, 2019 - Thurles

IPF Approved Distinctions Advisory Workshop 2019

Drogheda Photographic Club will be running a Distinctions Workshop in Millmount
Cultural Quarter, Drogheda on Saturday 13th April 2019. The workshop starts at
10am and finishes at 5pm with a lunch break from 1pm to 2pm. Three members of
the IPF distinctions assessing panel will be present to give advice on panels at all
levels - Licentiate, Associate and Fellowship.

Photographers attending for advice should bring along their proposed selected
prints - 10 for LIPF, 15 for AIPF and 20 for FIPF. Participants should also bring along
a selection of spare prints to be used if required.

Digital images will not be looked at.

Cost for participants with a panel is €40, observers without a panel €20.

10am : Tea / coffee
10.15am: Introduction and guidelines.
10.45am: Licentiate panels advising
1pm-2pm: Lunch.
2pm-5pm: Associate and Fellowship panels advising.

Venue : Drogheda Photographic Club, 8 Millmount Cultural Quarter, Drogheda.
Eircode: A92 Y893

Date: Saturday 13th April 2019

Time : 10am ---5 pm Lunch : 1pm—2pm

Cost: With panel €40. Without panel observer €20.

Booking contact
Chris Costello : costelloce@gmail.com
Phone : 086-3812460

National Club Championships 2019.


The National Club Championships will take place this year on May 11th and 12th in the County Buildings, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath.
As usual, the monochrome prints will be judged on Saturday 11th and the Colour Prints on Sunday 12th.
A Distinctions assessment at all levels will be held in conjunction with this event on Saturday 11th in the Arts Centre and the IPF AGM will be held on Sunday 12th.
Full details and Entry Form will be published on the Federation website in the near future.
We look forward to seeing entries from clubs right across the country for this the most important Club competition of the year. We all like to be winners but participation in this festival of photography, showcasing your club's work is just as important. Come along enjoy the competition, the amazing photography on show and the camaraderie.
The judges are: Achim Kopf, EFIAP/ d2
Peter Gennard, MFIAP, EFIAP/p
Barry Mead, FRPS, EFIAP/p, MPAGB
Places to stay in Mullingar:
Mullingar Park Hotel, Annebrook Hotel, Greville Arms Hotel, Bloomfield House Hotel, Newbury Hotel.
Marlinstown Court B&B, Mullingar B&B, Kerrigan's B&B, Railway House B&B, Glenmore House B&B, Fairways B&B, Keyfield House, Novara House B&B.
The annual dinner will be held on Saturday, May 11th at 7:30 pm in the Mullingar Park Hotel.
The co-ordinator is Sheamus O'Donoghue who can be contacted at 087 2579947 or at manorphoto@eircom.net

Irish Photographic Federation

National Club Championship

Rules and Regulations for Entrant

  • Introduction
The National Club Championship is an inter-club competition open to all clubs in
good standing with the Federation.
All clubs affiliated to the Federation are eligible to enter, i.e. there are no regional
qualifying competitions.

  • Conditions of Entry
To compete, a club submits a panel of 10 monochrome prints and/or a panel of 10
colour prints. Clubs should also include two additional images per panel to act as
substitutes for disqualified images.

The overall award (Sean Casey Memorial Trophy) will be awarded to the club with
the highest combined monochrome and colour panel scores. Clubs who choose to
enter only one panel will not be eligible to win the overall award.

All photographs shown on a panel must be the work of registered members of the
competing club.

A person may not represent more than one club in the IPF, or in NIPA, in any one

A maximum of two prints from an individual may appear on a panel.
All prints used in the competition shall be the original work of the author. Where the Federation requests proof of authorship, that proof shall be provided without delay.
Images used in previous National Club Championship are not eligible.
Maximum mount size is 50cm x 40cm (20 x 16 inches).
(Generally, clubs present prints window mounted, with card backing board. Spray mounted prints would also be acceptable.)

Prints may not be mounted on block-board, chipboard or similar materials, or be
presented in frames, with or without glass. Such prints will not be displayed.
10. All mounts must be capable of staying in place for the duration of the competition.

Where mounts do not adhere, they may be removed from the display stand and may
not be judged, at the organiser’s discretion. Mounts should not have any Velcro or other sticky material on the back of them. The following details must be clearly marked on the back of the mount in the
bottom left corner:
  1. Club Name
  2. Author Name
  3. Image Title
Panel Order Protests may be made before judging has started, where a club believes that any of the said rules (2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, 2.8 and 2.9) have been infringed by another club. The protest must be made as per 5.3. Penalties up to and including the
disqualification of a Club from the competition may be imposed. Any protests raised
after judging has started will not be entertained.

Scoring in the competition shall be based on the official score sheet approved by the National Council from time to time, which score sheet shall form part of the rules of the competition. Each judge will score independently. Results shall be based on the aggregate scores given by all judges to each competing panel.

The judges’ decision shall be final.

  • Submission of Entries
It is the responsibility of the club to hang their own panels on the stands provided,
the host club nor the organising committee will provide assistance.

Each club will have their prints hung before 9:00 am on the morning of the

Entry is only via an IPF Club Championship Online Entry system, a link to which will be provided via the IPF website.

Entry Fee – The entry fee will be €75, which may be paid either:
by PayPal at the end of the online entry system or by cheque and should be made payable to the “Irish Photographic Federation”.
For administrative purposes, PayPal is preferred. PayPal can be used with a credit

  • The Conduct of the National Club Championship
The National Club Championship shall take place under the supervision of the
Event Coordinator, or other official appointed by the National Council, and who shall
act as the Official Referee.

The National Club Championship shall be adjudicated by judges appointed by the
National Council. This will typically be three people.

The judges’ decision is final and no discussion of that decision shall be entered into.
It is not permissible to publicly dispute the judges’ decision or comment at any time during the National Club Championship, up to and including the award ceremony. Breach of this rule by a member of a club may lead to disqualification of that club’s entry.

The results of the National Club Championship will be announced on the concluding day of the competition. Presentation of awards will immediately follow the announcement.

Entry into the competition shall be deemed to be acceptance of the rules of the competition.

The National Council’s decision in all matters relating to the National Club Finals shall be final.

All entries must conform to the current specification as defined by FIAP in each category.

  • General
The IPF reserves the right to publish any image entered in the National Club
Championship, without payment of a fee. Copyright of all images remains with the
respective authors.
The National Council’s decision in all matters relating to the National Club Championship shall be final.

Where any Club considers that a person or Club is in breach of any of the National Club Championship rules of the National Club Championship, that Club may lodge a formal complaint with the Federation stating the details of the alleged offence, which complaint, to be valid, must be accompanied by a payment of Euro 60 to cover the costs of the investigation into the complaint. If the complaint is upheld, the fee will be returned and the offending Club will be liable for the costs of the investigation, in addition to any other penalty which may be imposed. Any such complaint must be lodged prior to the commencement of judging. Once judging has begun, the organisers will not entertain any complaints. Any Club in breach of the rules shall be subject to a penalty as determined by National Council. It is incumbent on all participating Clubs to ensure that they have adhered to the rules of the competition and all rules shall be enforced on the basis that all competing Clubs and Club members have taken full cognisance of the rules. Neither the IPF nor the host club shall be responsible for loss or damage to entries. Prints may not be removed from display stands until after the conclusion of the award ceremony.
All winning panels will be retained by National Council for selection in international
All panels displayed on Saturday will be collected by the Event Coordinator so that
the winning panels can be retained. Failure to submit a panel may result in scores
for the panel not being counted.
10 Prints must be collected at the conclusion of the National Club Championship.
Uncollected panels will be destroyed after 6 months if no arrangements are made
by the entrant club for the collection of the images.

FIAP Biennial - 2019

The IPF has sent an entry to the FIAP Colour Print and Colour Projected images Biennial which this year is being held in Spain.

All entries were selected from the latest IPF POTY competition.

FIAP requires that a panel of 10 Colour Prints be sent – with no more than one image from any photographer.
The theme chosen by the IPF Selectors this year is “Female Beauty”.
The photographers representing Ireland are
  1. Morgan O’Neill
  2. Seamus Mulcahy
  3. Ross McKelvey
  4. Gerard Mulhall
  5. Niall Whelan
  6. Gabriel O’Shaughnessy
  7. Paul Reidy
  8. Clodagh Tumilty
  9. Michael Strapec
  10. Edward Mahon
FIAP requires that a panel of 20 Projected Colour Images be sent – with no more than two images from any photographer.
The theme chosen by the IPF Selectors this year is “The many faces of Childhood”.
The photographers representing Ireland are
  1. Laurie Campbell
  2. Janusz Trezsicki
  3. Vivien Buckley
  4. Dominic Reddin
  5. Richie Hatch
  6. Emmanuelle Galisson
  7. Gabriel O’Shaughnessy
  8. James Cosgrove
  9. Julia Trezsicka
  10. Dalia Gauzauskaite
  11. Suzanne McMahon
  12. Michael Strapec
  13. Ita Pentony
  14. Lorraine Morris
  15. Kieran O’Mahony
  16. Declan Gernon
  17. Michelle La Grue
All images will be published in a future edition of the IPF newsletter – following the judging.
This will take place in mid-May and the results are expected early in June.

Many thanks to those who took part in the competition and congratulations to those whose work was selected.

Paul Stanley FIPF EFIAP/s EsFIAP
FIAP Liaison Officer for the IPF

Brian McNamee, LIPF, QPSA,

being presented with his trophy for achieving Overall Winner in the Photographic Society of America Projected Image Division Individual Portrait Competition Group B. The presentation was made by PSA Liaison Officer for Ireland, Denis Whelehan AIPF, APSA, EFIAP, at Clones Photography Group club meeting on the 27th March. The competition is open to all PSA members and comprises of four rounds and the overall winner is chosen from all the award winners and honorary mentions for the year. Brian’s winning image “Emily’s Eyes” will be displayed at the PSA Conference in Spokane, Washington later on this year.

An Óige Photographic Group

81st Annual Exhibition ● Open Competition



81st Annual Exhibition ● Open Competition

I.P.F. Approved Gold Medal Awards

I.P.F. National Portraiture Competition

Entry Form

IPF Nature Group

In November last we hosted a highly successful and very well attended wildlife projected image competition against the Nature Group of the Northern Ireland Photographic Association. There were almost four hundred entries, capably judged by Mark Sedgwick, FIPF, EFIAP, ESFIAP and Margaret Welby, a professional wildlife photographer from the UK. Our group emerged as overall winners, with individual medals, kindly presented by the IPF President, Dominick Reddin, FIPF, going to Kieran O’Mahony (Blackwater) 1st, Alan Cranston (Carrickfergus) 2nd and Patrick Kavanagh (Palmerstown) 3rd.

In previous years the group has organised weekend visits to a number of nature reserves in the Dumfries and Galloway area of southwestern Scotland, but this year fourteen of our members will spend a week in the La Brenne area of France. The region has over 2,000 lakes and its rich wildlife is of international importance, so we’re looking forward to capturing a wide variety of images.
We are also delighted to announce that our latest nature photography workshop is scheduled for Sunday 7th April 2018 in the Cavan Crystal Hotel, Dublin Road, Cavan, from 10.00 until 16.00. There will be four experienced presenters, Jack Malins ARPS, John Fox, Ita Martin LIPF, AFIAP, and Malcolm McCamley FIPF, ARPS. The topics covered will include Fieldcraft as well all other aspects of Bird, Flora, Insect and Mammal photography. The workshop will be suitable for all levels of experience and will include an explanation of the FIAP Rules for Nature Photography as they now stand.

The cost of the workshop is €25 for Nature Group members and €40 for non-members. The latter will automatically become members of the Nature Group without charge until 31st Dec. 2019.

Morning refreshments are included in the price and free car parking is available at the hotel. Lunch will be at attendees' own expense.

Capacity is limited and will be on a first come basis. Out recent similar workshops in Athlone, Enniscorthy and Thurles were heavily subscribed, so early booking is advised (go to https://irishphoto.ie/ipf-nature-group-workshop/ ).

IPF Awards

Did you know that the IPF has an honorary award system available?


"The following amendment to the Peter Slattery Memorial Award was agreed by the IPF Council. In order to assist clubs who have several qualifying members they wish to nominate for this award and qualify according to the notes and guidelines on the IPF website, permission has been granted to nominate three members in the year of their first application only and this amendment only applies up until the AGM in 2022."

IPF Awards should not be confused with IPF Distinctions. Awards are made to individuals who have served above and beyond at club or higher level over a significant period. To preserve the integrity and high standing of these honorary awards, the number granted each year will be strictly limited. The final decision on granting each Award will be made by the IPF Awards Committee, which shall be comprised of six members of the IPF Council including a secretary elected by the Awards Committee and chaired by the IPF President.
Further details available over on our website.

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