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Please see the message below from FIAP and the attached form. This change has been brought about as a result of GDPR.


Dear Members

First: I wish you all a Happy New Year 2019
Second: there are little changes in the application forms for Distinctions (see at bottom of this article). These changes are necessary for the new law in Europe. The changes are on page B (and page B bis for minors). The signature on all the pages must be the original no scans are allowed. On page A the changes are the input of the titles of the submitted images and also the FP (FIAP Photographer) number. Everybody starting from January 2019 must have this number. To get this number you must register you on our platform on MyFIAP.net
More information about the registration you can ask the FIAP Card Service.
The old forms are no longer valid from January 2019, thank you for the cooperation and my best regards.

Freddy Van Gilbergen, MFIAP, HonEFIAP.
Director of the FIAP Distinctions Service.

FORM: DistAENiv-Form-EN2019 (Click on this link)
Under the heading New Information January 2019 in the IPF website

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