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fiapFIAP Distinctions

The AFIAP and EFIAP distinctions are gained through acceptances and awards at international competitions (salons). Further advancement can also be gained through the EFIAP levels. These EFIAP Levels are the EFIAP Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond 1, Diamond 2 and Diamond 3. A photographer gains each in turn starting with Bronze and completing with Diamond 3. The Bronze may be applied for after holding the EFIAP distinction for a period of one year. A photographer must hold the previous level for at least one year before applying for the next level. The application fee for each level of distinction is €50. There is also a €5 administration charge by the IPF to cover costs.

The IPF forward distinction applications to FIAP once per year and the final date for receipt of applications must be made to the IPF FIAP Liaison officer (details below) by the 28th of February each year. Results of applications are then advised by FIAP to the liaison officer within 3 months of receipt of the IPF applications.

The MFIAP application is by invitation.

FIAP Liaison Officer

The FIAP Liaison Officer for Ireland is Paul Stanley FIPF EFIAP ESFIAP from Dublin Camera Club. All applications for FIAP membership and for FIAP distinctions must be made to him at :

Paul Stanley
8 Elmfield Grove
Clare Hall
Dublin 13

Paul can also be reached via ‘FIAP Distinctions’ Dropdown menu on our contact page.

Photographer’s Card

Part of the process is to apply for membership of FIAP, called the FIAP Photographers Card. Please note that this may be done at the same time as applying for your first distinction and is only done once. The cost for this card is €50 and applications will also only be forwarded by the FIAP Liaison Officer once per year with such applications closing on the 28th of February each year.

Irish Qualifiers

Following the National Council meeting of the 23rd of June, 2012, prospective applicants should also note that additional National qualifying images at IPF/Irish events are also required. In order to qualify for AFIAP Distinction, IPF members will have to achieve 4 qualifiers at Irish events. The qualifying events are as follows:

  • IPF Print and Projected Image Finals (image scoring in top 35%)
  • IPF Nature Finals (image scoring in top 35%)
  • An Oige Open Competition (accepted for exhibition)
  • Tallaght International Salon (accepted for exhibition)
  • Cork International Salon (accepted for exhibition)
  • SACC Creative Photography Competition (image scoring in top 35%)


All FIAP application forms needs to be completed and forwarded to the Paul Stanley, IPF Liaison Officer, on or before the 28th of February 2016, by email and hard copy. Submitted images to be sent on CD. For the purposes of avoiding spam mails, we no longer publish email address, so please go to our contact page and select ‘FIAP Distinctions’ from dropdown menu to get in touch with Paul.


Application Forms & Documentation

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve prepared a separate section on our website to deal with the most common queries we receive in relation to FIAP distinction applications. Please take a look at this section and if you can’t find the answer to your query, please go to our contact page and select ‘FIAP Distinctions’ from dropdown menu to get in touch with Paul.

Fees & Payment

Application fee for each level of distinction is €50.

FIAP Photographers Card is also €50.

A €5 administration fee is also charged for every application to cover IPF costs.

Please note: All payments for distinctions and cards must be made through the Paypal link below:

Please select your option:
Distinction Application Fee – €55.00 EUR
FIAP Photographers Card – €55.00 EUR
Combined Distinction Fee & FIAP Photographers Card – €105.00 EUR
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