Steven Le Prevost Exhibition

Dublin Camera Club has an exhibition of work by Steven Le Prevost FRPS AFIAP in the Eddie Chandler Gallery (Dublin Photographic Centre, Camden Street). Exhibition runs from 12 May to 16 June and is open each Saturday from 11am to 5pm.

Steve Le Prevost Bio
Steven Le Prevost FRPS, AFIAP, MPAGB
Photography is a passion to me, although I do try to keep it from becoming obsessive. My approach to creating images is probably greatly different to most. I really have little regard for my camera;
it’s rarely cleaned and is misused greatly. It‘s a tool, a method of recording a moment in time and nothing more than that.
Creating an image for me is enjoyable, a way to relax and unwind; the process begins to take shape in my slightly warped imagination, I will then set about achieving it and this may well involve implementing various art or craft techniques along the way.
Photoshop allows me to bring my perceived idea to fruition, although not through the use of their filters. My goal is to produce an image that is creative and pleasing to look at but has no hidden statement or message to portray. I pay little attention to the recognised rules of composition, as I believe this produces images that are rather predictable. The photographic sharpness that our cameras and lenses are capable of producing does not excite me and I set about purposely distressing the image in order to lose the photographic qualities that are recorded from the initial captured image.
I gained my Fellowship with the Royal Photographic Society in 2005 and currently serve on the Visual Arts Distinctions Panel assessing Associate and Fellowship applications. Some of my work is included within the RPS Permanent Collection. I am a member of the London Salon of Photography and enjoy entering my images in national and international exhibitions. Lecturing and judging is something I am heavily involved in and see this as a wonderful way of seeing the country and meeting other artists.
Images are for sale – please contact Paul Stanley at Club meetings or leave your contact details with the attendant.

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  1. Colette Wood says

    I am relatively new to photography but have dealt with and sold art for years, this mans work
    is “jaw dropping”. I would never have thought for one moment that his work was partially produced by camera. Monet comes to mind, and while it would not be everybody’s taste, I
    challenge you not to be charmed by at least a half dozen of his signed pieces. He is a genius
    and I would love to cover my walls in his wonderful work.
    Steven Le Prevost is a lateral thinker and Artist.

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